Andy has Blogged 4000 Times

Andy has Blogged 4000 Times
I just made my 4000 Blog post, I never expected to write this many opinions about the world and my life.

Khao San Road - Bangkok, Thailand
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
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I started to Blog when I went to Iraq September - August of 2003, I believed the trip was unique enough to tell the world.

I planned to stop after I left Iraq, however I discovered I enjoy talking to myself and allowing others to listen.

Andy has Blogged 4000 Times


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Congrats !

Hi Mr. Andy,
Congratulations. In the blog world is this something of a milestone?
Now enough celebrating get busy on that bag..hehe.
I wonder if the internet can be thought of a kind of time capsule.
I know tons of my searches for info is always turning up old old articles, or antiquated advice and info. Travel advice with EMPHASIS.
Imagine you will have one helluva journal or memoires at the end of the road. I even get an idea that say 100 years from now could be a whole new area of archeology. Cyber mining, your site could be a world famous artifact one day. How is that for mindbending...hehe
Congratulations again farmboy


Man, that is like two and a half posts a day!

You are a machine, Andy hahaha.

I know the dedication and work that it takes to make the observations, take the notes, click the photos, write, and then publish blog at least once daily, let alone multiple times.

Wow, that is all I can say.

This is a big milestone . . ..especially that this was all done while traveling.

Good on ya, friend.

Thanks for the inspiration,


Hey Cornbread, there is no chance that you are the same Cornbread that I once shared a punk-rock attic with many years ago is there?

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