Advertise in Japan

Advertise in Japan
I am using Google to advertise our Hotel site called in Japan and also China.

I have many experiences with translators and know they are not to be trusted. Heheheh

Taipei, Taiwan
Saturday, September 20, 2008
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A young man in the TaiwanMex Hostel assisted me in Translating this small advertisement in to the Japanese language.


Free Hotel Advertisement
USA Internet Website
Contact American Tourist



It is a very taxing job, even though the young Japanese man tries to help the best he can, I know I cannot trust his translation fully. He must also understand the intention of my advertisement.

I am a lucky man here, I can feel and see in the person eyes if they understand me, I instinctually know how close they are too a good translation.

I know this one is only about 70 percent conveying my intentions, so I still need to refine the advertisement and test it until I achieves my goal.

This is the job of a marketing perfectionist, a truly difficult to accomplish task, to advertise cost effectively in a second language.

Advertise in Japan


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Hello Andy,

If you email me what you want translated in Japanese or Chinese I can have it double checked.


Wade, I appreciate the offer, I really mean it, and I do need collaboration, translators cannnot be trusted.

Not that translators are trying to do a bad job, the problem is they add or omit information becuase the person mental construct in which they live and intepret life.

If you send the Japanese version ONLY to Yumi, then hopefully she would send back the English version. If it was the close to the same of above, then we are making progress toward "collaboration" of the translation.

An advertisement is short, cut, made to pack as many words as possilbe into a 25 characters spot. It is a headline, a command, an attention grabber.

The first line is suppose to e 35 and the second two are supposed to be 25, notice the rules of charaters changed. The are not this length, even though google ask me for this number, google did not translate correctly, hopefull if I was using the Japanese Control Panel it would use the correct measurements. However, the English control panel used with Japanese characters is not correctly translated.

A translators becomes better when they learn the intention and understand how to perform the intention.

A astute marketing person who wished to advertise in Japan would slowly understand.

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