500 US Dollar Travel Budget Countries

500 US Dollar Travel Budget Countries
I am adding South Korea to a mental list of countries that would be fun on a 500 US dollar per day budget.

This is my ugly list, countries that are ugly living unless on a gluttonous budget.

Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, September 28, 2008
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Korea could also be called a “Tour Only Country,” best done from the seat of a tour bus with a tour guide.

I groups all of Europe in the 500 per day category, ugly countries unless you are willing to mortgage your soul to enjoy. New York City is a 500 per day city, I just have no idea how a person could enjoy truly enjoy the place on a cheap budget.

Forget Paris, this place needs 1000 just to remove the ugly grimace off the face of the place and me...

I am happy only 20 percent of the planet are 500 US Dollar per day countries, and the most beautiful are not these countries.

I thing many people equate shopping with beauty, Korea could be considered a tourist trap mall shopping country.

500 US Dollar Travel Budget Countries


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I visited Korea on business and everything did seem to revolve around shopping. On my last day some big wig wanted to take me shopping, I asked to go to a grocery store as I find those interesting. We went to some touristy shopping area instead; there were no grocery stores.

I just don't understand that bit, maybe the city dwellers just really like to shop but I would have been much happier at grocery store.

Shopping is the number one destination and activitiy of people traveling.

I don't even like shopping in my country, I don't understand some people. I do like to absorb a bit of the culture such as the food, places and customs but shopping as a travel destination but doesn't do a thing for me.

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