Traveler Pride in your Adopted Countries

Traveler Pride in your Adopted Countries
Travelers and Tourist adopt countries, a sister country to make friends with and share good times. I have a few Adopted Countries, I return to these countries when I need a vacation from travel.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Saturday, August 2, 2008
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Thailand versus the Philippines?

I was bored, wanted to eat breakfast this morning, I thought to myself,
“I can buy a girl easier here in the Malate, Ermita, Mabini part of Manila easier than I can buy a good value breakfast.”

I do not want to eat breakfast in a boom boom bar.

I finally remembered, the Midtown Diner near Robinsons Mall, I walked over and ate two eggs, toast, ham, and including coffee which I did not drink for 115 Pesos.

Walking back to my hotel to hide in the room, I had this feeling.

I am not proud of the Philippines, it just is not getting better, and I am always tempted to say.
“Thailand has a lot better roads.”
“Taxis in Thailand are clean, air conditioned and honest.”
“The food is half the price in Thailand.”
“The rooms are half the price and twice as good.”

I enjoy going to Robinson Mall and walk around; I have finally discovered a path where I can walk to the mall without being run over by a Jeepney or feeling I am walking in shit. I live in a great Hotel for 1200 Pesos with WIFI, double the cost of Thailand, but an excellent Hotel. However, when I leave the Hotel, it reminds me of Varanasi, India.

I am not sure the Philippines is evolving, I think they did a lot of development right after World War II, and continually unto the 1960’s. I think the place has been falling apart ever since, I just do not understand this country, and a semi-adopted country of mine is in danger of becoming an orphan.

Traveler Pride in your Adopted Countries


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Best Breakfast in Ermita bar none.


Ermita,Manila, especially where your hotel is located, doesn't generally represent Manila, or the Philippines, as a whole. There are other business centers nearby, like Makati or Ortigas, where there are way better hotels and nicer places to eat. You happen to be in a part of the old Manila that is now again known for "boom-boom" bars, which, by the way, used to be the hub of the Filipino cosmopolitan night-life some years back.

Efforts to keep Ermita, and other areas in Manila, as old and rustic as it is now, were intentional. The past Manila government, that of Mayor Lito Atienza, tried to preserve the Old Manila, with its Spanish (in Fort Santiago and Intramuros), Japanese, American and Chinese (in Ongpin or Chinatown) air, or at least what's left of it, and only made very little modifications.

They sort of believed that Manila, being the capital of the country, should be as diverse but as preserved as it should be to boost local tourism. But obvioulsy, it's not as appealing to every foreigner, like a well-travelled one as yourself.

The so-called boom-boom bars have always been there, that's hard to deny. But Ermita used to be great, at least for us, who used to hop there from one crowded bar to another on weekends. Ermita and Malate were the best night spots, along with Bay Walk, which was known for it's picturesque sunset and a long strain of open-air restos.

Now, the average, and the upper class, Filipino night-life is scattered all over the busting and sleepless business centers like Makati, Ortigas, Taguig, and Eastwood City.

The present Manila government, with it's past and returning mayor, Alfredo Lim, made Bay Walk a ghost town, banning liquors on the street, and had some pub and bar owners left with no choice but to divert back to their old ways—cheap bars targetting rampant Korean and other immigrants.

Manila is precious to Filipinos despite being the way it is now. I guess, when someone says Manila, the cheap bars, the homeless kids, and even the cluttered streets are still overshadowed by the images of the events that every Filipino knows happened there. The Spanish colonization, the Japanese invasion, the American rescue, and the Chinese immigration, the memories of its history, really, more than anything else, makes going to Manila worthwhile.

It’s about finding out what existed to what now exists making one undestand why it exist.

I have been to the Philippines many times.

This country is double the price and half the quality in Malate, if I go to Makati the prices would just be too stupid for words.

I have been to Banaue, Cebu, Palawan, Mindanao, Subic.

The Philippines people want to leave, there is a reason for this.

The Philippines has always been clueless about tourism, and it I do not think they are learning.

Their arrogance is rampant, they always think they are special.

Thailand is special, it is progressive, smart, advancing country. The Philippines is has all the potential and pisses all over their potential.

Good information for travelers to Asia. I only knows Thai food is nice and you said it many more things are nice. I believe nowhere you never had preoccupied mind towards Thailand.

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