An ex Vietnam Veteran taught me some derogatory Military Slang today here in Bangkok, Thailand.

REMF - Rear Echelon Mother Fxxxker

I have to change the F word to keep the Internet Gods happy.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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I did not get a chance to have him explain clear, and not even sure I understood correctly, he could have said REM.

One definition from another site:

“MLA for Rear Echelon Mother Fxxxker. A derogatory term of US Vietnam era origin that's somehow found it's way in to the lexicon of British Army slang - probably due to repeated showings of Chicken Burger Ridge in the NAAFI. Anyone who is further from the FEBA than the person using the phrase is a REMF - the bloke 'in the rear with the gear'. Generally, if your laundry goes forward, you are a REMF.

I am often an arrogant traveler, not a tourist, I live out, I am not in the country, I am out of country. How long have I been out, over ten years and closer to 11, I am not REMF. I am on the front lines.

I write post for everyone, mostly myself, however if you are going to travel perpetually, want to leave home for good, never go back, then of course this blog keenly appeals. Then again, I do not really care, some are REMF, therefore I will read opinions from REMF with a grain of salt, maybe I listen, but with skepticism.

I know most opinions as comments about gear by reader are strictly REMF standards, or tourist grade.



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HI Mr. Andy,
Crying shame this service and benefit you provide from your hobo school of hard knocks is not appreciated from time to time. Far as your "luggage" is concerned, I for one look forward to seeing the finished product. Thats a humongous part of my unlearning. Matter of fact, its your site here that got me looking at #4 Duck Canvas as stout enough for the long haul. Speaking of which, since you dont have any granny sewing circles to help you out, maybe an upholsterer could give you a hand with your prototype. They also might take a bit more pride making things jam up and jelly tight. Anyway, just a thought about folks and the needed skills set. Take care farm boy.

Sawadee Karap Andy,

Yep being on the cutting edge or the sharp end of the spear gives one a perspective that most will never know.
Them that do know Battle are such as the Infantry. Combat Aviation, Combat Engineers, Tankers ect.
And certainly the Airborne or Para's as the Brit's call them!!!!

Certainly not the people
"In the rear with the gear"...LOL!

Yep that is correct what you heard from me Sir..REMF's
I am that Vietnam Combat Veteran

REMF Pronounced just it sounds.

And for them that are the
"House-Cats" who never go outside the wire.. work is not so different than while at rest..LOL

And the other Acro-Nymmmm LOL
Foward Edge Of Battle Area
FEBA is a military term used by American and British/Commonwealth military forces and other members of the NATO, referring to the front lines in a conflict.
The FEBA may or may not correspond to the Forward Line of Own Troops (FLOT).

It is defined by the U.S. Department of Defense and NATO as:

"The foremost limits of a series of areas in which ground combat units are deployed, excluding the areas in which the covering or screening forces are operating, designated to coordinate fire support, the positioning of forces, or the maneuver of units."

And ARRSE is the British Army Rumor Service..
Whose forums are reported to be read by the UK's MOD "Minister of Defence"

So remember OPSEC

You can guess this one...Or NOT

Thanks Mel, OPSEC, nothing popped into my mind. By the way, thanks for being on the cutting edge, I know for sure my life is easy compared to the sharp edge of FEBA of the Military.


(I needed to delete one well intended line, cannot talk about this on site.)

Hi Mr. Andy,
Im new to the whole blogging thing.

If not, maybe I need to shoot a new compass heading somewhere on this site. The pics and captions are my particular favorties and go a long way to help with situational awareness for the small bunch looking to head out.
BTW, all the military chatter (former USMC Russian linguist, military intel) somewhere in there I missed forward observers and my personal favorite "spooks". In reverence to buddies blown up in certain unnamed city a while back, rest in peace. God Bless America and John Wayne. Take care farm boy.

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