Photographers Need Two Hard Drives

Photographers Need Two Hard Drives
I take thousands of photos per years, I have two hard drives, one in my computer and one external, and I will soon have three to be safe.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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I am trying to backup 50-80 gigs of information on an external computer hard drive, an extremely difficult task. I realize now, to be safe, I should have been doing this for the last two years. I keep the small photos on the internet, now I am publishing the big one also to the internet and soon to three hard drives.

I sold some photos, I earned enough money to buy two computers, therefore the photos are evidently worth more than a computer. There is a point where some people realize, the information on the computer is worth more than the computer.

I meet many people who call themselves photographers, it just stand to reason, they need to minimally have two external portable hard drives. They could transfer from the chip in the internet cafes, however if I do not see at least one, I wish they would stop telling me they are photographers.

Photographers Need Two Hard Drives


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a real photographer needs no harddrive at all or less a computer-u should take less photos and concentrate on quality -some of ur photos say very little,and u think u are and expert who can be a critic-give us a break !-my opinion-bruce

Therefore I should listen to Anonymous person... hehehe

I watched freelance photographers in Israel return from the Gaza Strip with hundredes of photographs. The then used a graphics program to cut the good photos out of the bigger photo, to make the photo work.

I am just saying with the present day use of digital cameras, a person needs to have two hard drives to get my respect.

I am not in the giving you a break business, I am trying to help a conservative person protect their photos while on a long trip.

Obviously most photographers are REMF - Rear Exchelon Mother Fxxxers

Hi Mr. Andy,
This site is forever showing itself to be more than just a tidy little travel blog. My idea of professional photographer or videographer isnt particularly nice. Two instances come to mind. One after hurricane Katrina in Mississippi I believe. The NBC lady in a row boat pretending to be at risk because of flooding. In the middle of the broadcast, "God love em" two good ole boys walked thru the video showing the water ankle deep.
Another broadcast in the middleeast somewhere, a video claiming to be footage looking into a fenced compound full of people locked up by evil coalition troops. The truth came out, again a scenario engineered by "professionals". The video was actually from inside a secured compound looking out. The people trying to get in. It was necessarily secured in order to control delivery of medicine, food, shelters, etc.
You keep right on snapping those kodak moments Hobo. Wouldnt hurt my feelings one little bit to put a few "professionals" out of a job.

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