Nomad My Pet Peeve Word

Nomad My Pet Peeve Word
I was banging away today in a conversation with Jeroen, my Travel Agent here in Bangkok, Thailand, saying something like,
“They make me mad, they are not Nomad.”

I do not know any Nomadic Travelers of the planet, I know some Nomadic Travelers of a country. I dream about Nomadically traveling the planet, I am getting closer, however, Nomadic Travel requires a huge amount of money.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
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I was thinking, what is a Nomad?
“They get Mad at a country and leave.”

They can leave or stay, up to the person, there is nothing stopping them including money.

Nomad My Pet Peeve Word


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I really don't think you would like being a nomad.

Nomads don't piick up and leave because they don't like a place, they do it because it is something they have to do to live, or to continue living they way they want to. You are a Hobo. Dead Heads were nomads, traveling as the band traveled. Snow birds are nomads, in a way, traveling to the south when it gets too cold in the north (OK, maybe they are more like migratory birds). There are nomads that follow along the Motorcycle Rallies selling trinkets. Lots of Nomads in teh world. Not too many hobos, not long term ones anyway.

Bob L

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