Nobody Goes to Those Countries Guidebook

Nobody Goes to Those Countries Guidebook
I was spoiled, I started my travels in Central and South America, a person could pick up a used guidebook for pennies. Khao San Road here in Bangkok, has a huge selection, however my selection of countries has changed, I am going off the path farther, plus BKK is expensive for books.

I have been asking for Guidebooks in Bangkok,
They say,

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Thursday, August 28, 2008
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Thai people say this with a nasty twang, like
“Hey Farang, why are you bothering me….?”

Ok, I was looking around for Papua New Guinea Guides, impossible, I was hoping to find Oceania, not a good prospect,

(Does everyone go ONLY to Australia, this country is surrounded by other countries?)

I change my travel mind path, I am now going North to Japan and Korea… Hard to find Japan, I found one, they want a small fortune for a two week trip, I do not collect guidebooks, I dump them, I sell them, I lose them… I also use them…

I have been checking out the Lonely Planet buy by the Chapter PDF files, this is going to save me a lot of money. I purchased the one chapter on the area of Pucallpa, Peru, this worked out fine. I am not looking at one or two areas in Japan and the same for Korea. It looks like this will cost me about 12 dollars instead of the 50 U.S. for USED books, a true saving.

Working out good Lonely Planet, now if you would just continue to update your books and stop spinning off others, update please.

Lonely Planet by the Chapter you need to go to and study a map to know which chapters to buy though.

If that breaks, and I suspect it will over time, go to

Ok, Lonely Planet, send me cash, send me a guidebook, or better yet, update your books. I mean, I want more hotels and cheaper ones, I am a traveler, not a flashpacker, I do not need more Facts, is doing much better, Thanks, Please.

Nobody Goes to Those Countries Guidebook


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Instead of lonely planet you might wish to try Same format as wikipedia just focused exclusively on travel and free.

I try all the time, however they are really still in their infancy, they do the places well where you do not need a guidebook. However, they are still not even close on the out of the way places.

The internet still in general sucks for a cheap hotel guide. Lonely Planet, Roughgudies, Footprints still have zero competition for a traveler.

Note, you do not need a guidbook for a 2-3 week trip, normally this person has researched it so well, has no budget, and is on tourist fare all the way. I cannot just hope I find a room, I need to find a room, the guidebooks are still doing this job better than the internet.

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