I am Grateful for my Life

I am Grateful for my Life
The last few weeks have been stressful, it is funny how I walk into stressful situations without knowing it, and I am so grateful when I leave. Then I ask myself,
“How did I do that?”

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Monday, August 18, 2008
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Nothing went right in the last three weeks, every friend I met was not right, every situation I entered into was not right, everything was impossibly complicated.

I could say I would never do this again, but that is fantasy planning of a life. I am just grateful to know that when things get impossible to understand, I can just leave. And I do not need to try to fix miserable situations today.

I have this feeling meter in my body, I will say to myself,
“Turn on your feelings Andy.”

I flip the switch, and I can feel I do not ignore them anymore; I do not try to say to myself, they will go away. I for sure never say, make the best of it.

The goal of any situations in life should be to make you feel more alive and powerful, to have more energy afterwards. Yesterday, I started to recharge my batteries; I will give up the resentments of the last few weeks and get on with my life.

Resentments is a wonderful word, it means to re-FEEL, a person that is angry when they re-FEELS a situation needs to leave the situation. I know for myself today, if I switch on that feelings meter, and suddenly I feel angry. Then I need to try to back off, back out, walk away until the meter says,
“Life is good today.”

I see many people try to turn off their feelings, to pretend everything is ok, to never admitting they are not happy. I have good days, I have bad days, and the secret is to have more good than bad. I know for me, it is more about saying no and walking away then sticking around and being miserable with the many groups of miserable people on the planet wanting others to share the sadness.

I am Grateful for my Life


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Whew! Mr. Andy sure sounds like you have all the symptoms of dog eat dog stress creeping back into your life. I tend to think, as I prepare for the hobo life, its not so much about the day to day folks,trials or tribulations in my path. I pretty much enjoy folks as they come at me. Im sure you really do also and have become a pretty keen judge of character. You know when someone is being socialable or instead sizing you up for victomhood. I tend to think the disease is beauracracy in infinite forms taking over control of living. The person with the disease instantly presumes authority over you by virtue of job title. All reason and rational thought seems to evaporate and LORD dont ever deviate from scripted dialoque when trying to conduct business.

I needed to read that comment a few times to digest. Society wants me to go along and obey, even when the silly. I am suppose to obey the norms of societal rule.

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