Health and Travel Tied to Shoes

Health and Travel Tied to Shoes
I use my Thailand cheap flip-flop sandals to save on wear and tear of my good Reeboks. I now am realizing this is fighting against good health, diet and exercise.

The bottom line is this, because I use sandal, I walk less because they are not as comfortable.
Sandals versus Shoes for Travel

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Friday, August 22, 2008
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Asia almost demand sandals in a way, you need to enter shops, houses, rooms where they want you to remove your shoes for respect to the local customs, maybe religion. Therefore, in Asia it has always been annoying to wear my Reeboks and take them on and off all the time.

I have been in this battle for a healthy body, this one is wearing out, and I need to renovate, fix, repair and recreate this one to a better status. I am planning a trip down towards Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia and other Walkabout places. I therefore need to Walkabout well.

The problem is this, it is close to impossible to buy these shoes anywhere but in the USA, I am not sure what to do, I think I am going to ask my parents to snail mail a few extra pairs to Thailand for storage. There are no limits to the lack of comfort involved in having a crummy pair of shoes, I just want my shoes, not any other pair, and I want my brand, my type, my look, and the shoes I want to wear.

I am still going to try to wear sandals to converse the shoe wear and tear for short walks to the 7-11 or Grocery Store.

Health and Travel Tied to Shoes


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Hi Andy.

I think you could try going barefoot - it's very healthy plus your shoes-on, shoes-off problem disappears instantly.

Also, you should know that flip-flops, aside from being uncomfortable, are potentially dangerous, as they do not provide ankle support. Consult Wikipedia:

Thanks for a great blog, Paul

Get some Tevas for men, I don't mean the flip flops, I mean something like river sandals.
Better for you, look better than flip flops, won't break the hobo's bank.

Tevas.. hehehe, as best I can tell, overpriced smelly shoes. Here is a link where Craig has some REALLY stinky shoes in the Carribean.
Stinky Teva Sandals

I like Barefoot, try go to Barefoot a lot, this means I am at the beach. From a USA point of view, barefoot make a lot of sense. The country is clean, I find I wear my shoes a lot in dirty country. I never once wore my sandals in the Philippines, like walking in garbage.

I will stick with my 35 dollar Reeboks, tried and true, and I know they do not stink. Amazing how bad smelly shoes make travel life.

Have you considered Chaco's? They're sports sandals like Tevas, but waaay better in my opinion. I currently have 4 pairs and the first pair I wore almost every day for 2 years. When traveling to warm places they're the only shoes I bring. I wear them in the shower and then head on out. It doesn't take too long to dry.

Of course, they cost more than your Reeboks, but I think based on cost per wear they are reasonable.

I am not going to fix something that works. The Reeboks do not stink, and I know it.

The value of money, to pay 35 dollar here in Thailand is the same as going getting a room in the Holiday Inn for three nights in the USA. I can purchase the same as if you took that money and went to the mall.

Hi Mr. Andy,
I certainly concur with you when it comes to TLC of the feet. Since about forever there has been little nuisances like old fashioned trench foot to stop people in their tracks literally. Im curious about your system of storage in key locations. Is it informal agreement through locals?
Do they also act as something like FOB (Freight On Board) point to recieve shipping for you? The idea of have a type of LZ to store a cache of consumables seems to rank right up there with necessary survival behavior to me. If you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, give me a call on skype. (norman.edwards50).
Be a learning experience for me if I can swing the shipping. Besides that, also been thinking about vacuum packing clothes somehow for such situations. I found a site where they use a hand pumped brake bleeder. Practicality of lugging it around though, unsure of.
Good luck

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