Filipino Made Backpack

Filipino Made Backpack
I am excited; there was a sudden turn in events here in Manila, Philippines. The number two factory on the list is 80 percent finished with a good sample Backpack. I have discovered a way to communicate with the company, a strategy that is working.

You can say and believe anything you want, however the bottom line is the Philippines people do not speak the same English as an Indiana Farm Boy.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Backpack Design Survey

I asked,
“Is this an Opening, a Lid, a Cover, Entrance or a Door, what does your company call it?”

Every time I have made samples in any country, there is a constant battle to agree on Backpack Jargon, the terms used to describe the parts of a Backpack.

I am excited, I believe in two days, maybe by Thursday or Friday we should have a completed sample. We will then take the high end, expensive materials I brought with me from the USA and make a top-level Backpack sample.

I am hoping or believe it possible we make two top-level Backpacks, and hopefully make a couple of small revisions with each subsequent Backpack.

Filipino people speak Tagalog, they do not speak English, and they just are exceptionally good at this second language.

Filipino Made Backpack


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So true on the language barrier. Their syntax is different from American English.

I am constantly misunderstood when in the PH. And this from college educated Filipinos.


What causes the marjority of my problems is the Filipino educated often believe they speak English well. While the spend their whole waking hours talking Tagalog as their first language.

The educated continually want to correct me, and I do not mind, but I know they are not right, and I am not right, we just do not understand the other. Easier to deal with teh ones who do not speak English very well, then just the shame problem.

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