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I have been trying now for two days to upload a video I took of Traditional Thailand Music played in the river park close to Khao San Road.

Is Thailand censoring videos again, stopping people from uploading videos?

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Wednesday, July 2, 2008
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---------------------------------- Thailand is a problem child for the Thailand country, the has many girl videos and these type of photos or videos are blocked in Thailand.

It is a humorous situation, in a country where the Boom Boom Girl tourist business thrives, is encouraged and organized as probably their number one tourist attraction. They do allow this to be advertised, not that I care, but a mixed cultural bag.

Freedom of speech, a luxury on the planet, not common, in fact is rare. Thailand


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it is because of all the awful videos about the KING of Thailand and the bad behavior of Farangs in Thailand.

That is the reason only. I like YOUTUBE also but when I type in Thai or Thailand so much bad stuff !!

Thailand is a wonderful place and haws beautiful,respectful people I think the # 1 tourist destination in the world really.

You must think so because you spend more time here than any where else.
So much Sunook for so little Baht !!

Please; little more praise of your adopted home Khun Andy

Thailand for sure is one of the easy to visit countries on the planet.

I debate continually with myself about the Thailand way of not talking about the imperfections of Thailand. Some days I think this is wonderful, and other days I think it totally allows corruption to exist because they will not talk about it openly.

Thanks for the Khun, I wish I did not always feel like a Farang, and I had more Thailand friends. I find it difficult to find close Thailand friends. I must accept them as they are, there is not choice.

I am not the same as the normal long-term Farang, I have never visited Phuket, Pattaya, I do not live in Sukumvit, I distance myself from this unsavory part of Thailand.

Good food, easy people to be with, no big agressive behavior, an open market where a person can buy anything on the planet for a good value.

Thailand people are smart, slowly over time I learn ways to communicate, I know I must learn to talk Thai, they just do not seem to learn English.

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