Tricky Crap

Tricky Crap
Boy Genius is here in Bangkok, he plans to visit Singapore and a few other countries in Southeast Asia. He has not traveled that much, even though a part owner of one of the worlds largest Travel Room sites, this will be one of the first time to try to use other Hotel Sites in real life.

Yesterday, he was excited that he found a private room in Singapore for 22 Dollars, and chatted me on Yahoo Messenger the link.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Sunday, July 6, 2008
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Boy Genius - 22$ USD on this one
Boy Genius - Singapore …. http://www….


I looked at the link, instantly recognized that they was advertising the single person rate for a two person room, which then went on to say you needed to rent both beds. I then chatted and asked,

Andy - Do you need to have two people in room?
Boy Genius - 22 is not shared
Andy - sure?
Boy Genius - Oops
Boy Genius - hmm
Boy Genius - Tricky
Andy - yes
Boy Genius - This is crap
Andy - The reason for Hideout.

This is one of them great moments for me, when a point is poignantly made to another person, whereby they understand the nature of this travel industry beast.

I have been having fun listening to stories about airplane booking sites also…
“Yes, the ticket is 100 dollars and the tax, fee, and surcharges is 300 dollars.”

When I rent a room, I want to know the all-inclusive price, I want Wireless WIFI Internet access in my room. I almost always have to call and ask, I cannot trust their website.
“Is the Internet Free?”
“Is it in the room, or just in the hotel reception area?”

I have only reserved about five rooms in ten years of travel, the reason is simple, I do not want to learn to hate Hotel, this is where I live, these places are my home. I cannot afford the mental and emotional stress of feeling cheated.

This is trick crap as Boy Genius said, I do not understand why there is so much fine print and why the world makes is so difficult. I do not trust a hotel that does this, and I think to myself, it they will be deceptive with prices, will they be deceptive and steal my computer.

I may be different than the average person, however for me, I want to know exactly how much it cost to rent a room, I want to know exactly how much to fly in airplane. I am quick enough to decipher this maze of tricky crap, I do it daily, I have tons of experience. What about old people, are these site just preying on the older or naïve people of the planet, I feel the answer is yes.

Are people so cynical they do not believe they cannot just be honest and rent their rooms, or sell their plane tickets?

Tricky Crap


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Andy, I often disagree with your posts. But this time I couldn't agree more. Why consumers put up with such tricky (to the point of being deceptive) practices is beyond me. If I can't trust or have confidence in a business or business man then I don't do business with them. If more people would stick to their guns such practices would go away. The fact that they're not going away must mean that they work with a lot of people.

I try to surmise why people put up with tricky crap from internet pages. I know that internet techs and coders that make pages often make tricky crap sites, this is half of the problem, internet web designers are control freaks, and the hotel comes out like a bad hotel.

The next problem is they hotel want to put their best foot forward, and leave out the bad details. I refuse to get reservations because I do not want to give my credit card, plus I know that pictures on an internet site is not a hotel, it is what they want you to believe is true. Then reviews are moderated and the bad reviews are deleted, there is not a complete honesty policy.

There is this attitude growing in the world, if we can get away with it, then we do it.

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