Professional Bags Philippines

Professional Bags Philippines
I interviewed the second bag company from the Philippines today.

After my first SNAFU, this was like a breath of fresh air, they were professional, and I learn a lot from the company.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
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A brother and sister team, a large company, air-conditioned office, many workers actively walking around like something was happening.

I met a couple of Pros; I hope we can come to terms that are acceptable.

I did learn something about bag companies today; they show know a lot more than me about how to manufacture bags. This made me feel good, a Bag company from the Philippines should know more than me, and teach me, there should not be the feeling that I am teaching them.

This company gave me a class in Backpacks today.

What was amazing, she went into great detail about how to draw the bag; they work from drawings, not from copies. This is the first company I have ever encountered that works from drawing. The other always needed a sample bag more than they needed the drawings. I have always felt like I was wasting my time with drawings, I do them for me, not the company, but this company even explained how to draw the bags so they could understand. I think they want closer to three-dimensional renditions more than just drawings, but I do understand.

How to proceed, I will still make all the patterns and while I am doing the patterns, I will further revise the backpack. I do not live in the Philippines, not sure how to get one pack done in the Philippines before my return plane ticket to Bangkok but I am a persistent person, so all will happen eventually.

Whatever the case, with a set of patterns and about anybody on a sewing machine including myself I can get two samples made.

With a good set of drawings, I can get a quotation for another sample to be made and after they personally make one sample, they will give me a quotation for large numbers.

I can tell you this, making a great backpack is not easy.

Professional Bags Philippines


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"making a backpack is not easy"....I can totally agree with you on that count 110%! As you know, I've been obsessed with working on backpack designs myself for while and have hit some brick walls in my work as well. If I'm having this many problems in the US, I can only shudder to think of the problems you are encountering overseas. Keep your chin up and keep us posted! I'm enjoying your blog and your trials and errors. This would actually make an interesting book...something like "my life as a backpack designer" or something similar! LOL Good luck!

Hi Andy, I read your blog about designing a bag. Do you mind giving me the bag designer contact details in Manila? My e-mail is .

Thanking you in advance for your reply. Cris


Read your blog. Recent retiree from the states looking for QUAILTY bag manufactuter in the Philippines.

Thank You,

I am thinking about openning a straw bag factory in the Bahamas, if there is any good straw platters ans stitches they can e-mail me.

Thank You


I am planning to organize a simple workshop for the mothers who make bags in Payatas, Philippines (known to be one of the largest dumpsite), and is now organized through Rags2Riches. We would like to teach them how to make quality bags. Would it be possible for you to give contact nos. of those factories that you visited? Thanks a lot.


Jing Ludovice

Get on and search, you will find many companies if you proceed.

I do not want to give any of them recommendations.

We are china bag factory

Do u know any bag makers in batangas and cavite?


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