Pranang Cave Beach

Pranang Cave Beach
This is presently the most beautiful beach I know on the planet; the name is Pranang Cave Beach, located on what is part of Railay Beach near Krabi, Thailand.

We left Koh Pha Ngan before the Fool Moon Party, took the joint ticket boat and bus trip to Krabi, I am now on Railey Beach.

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
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I was surprised to find a Hotel located on this beach, I never remember there being a Hotel located in this isolated corner of the planet. I do hope they charge a lot more than Shoal Bay Beach in Anguilla, because for sure this is prettier, and I have visited both. This one actually had some nice Bikinis and not just old people. However for sure this is not the best girl watching beach on the planet, more the romantic, way too beautiful to explain beach.

What is great is you walk down this never ending small curving path past many small caves or indents into the side of the mountain, just when you are getting tired of walking, oops, you walk into the sunlight of Pranang Cave Beach. That surely was not the original name, they may have just named it, I do not know, but Cave is not a Thai word.

Nonetheless, if you just want a Wow, this is the beach.

This is not where mobs of people are presently located, however the way it looks, just a few more years and this beach will have more than it tourist share.

Pranang Cave Beach


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"Fool" Moon Party... 55555, I like it! (anyone out there know why here in Thailand we write "55555!" instead of "LOL?")
Krabi is beautiful, isn't it. I was there a few years ago for the 3 Nations (Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand)Motorcycle Charity fundraiser. Went to Phi Phi Don and Leh before the Tsunami flattened them.... to be honest I could never see what all the complaints about the film company ruining Phi Phi Leh were all about when they filmed "The Beach" there.... it was fine after they left, and obviously the Tsunami rearranged everything to natures liking once more.
If you hit Koh Lanta, check out the Swedish Restaurant at the north end..... the Thai owner has a great collection of 33 and 45 vinyl records he'll play for you all night, and sitting out on the above water terrace is an experience in itself!
By the way that cuppa tea is in my little place, the Ace Cafe in Jomtien.... it'd be nice to meet you. Great site.


LOL -- the number 5 in the Thailand language is said,

So, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha is 55555

LOL - Laugh Out Loud, this is more or less Chat terminology and took me a long time to learn because I do not chat on the internet.

Sounds nice to come visit, maybe on the next trip south, always looking for something new. I have been to Koh Lanta.

I saw Koh Phi Phi about two weeks after the Tsunami, it was a great island before, I am worried now they just made it a pay for everything island for fat people.

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