Philippines Workers

Philippines Workers
Just an amazing experience, I walked into the Robinson Mall, then entered the Robinson Supermarket to search for something healthy, seems to only be Vegetable, Fruit, Nuts and Chicken.

I walked over to try to buy a couple of Apples.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Saturday, July 26, 2008
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Three of these Robinsons Supermarket came up to help me, they all worked together to help me a couple of apples.

I stopped, looked at them saying,
“This is the first time in my life three people helped me in my life.”

The Philippines is like flowers growing in the weeds, you may miss them if you do not look closely.

Philippines Workers


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I was once helped or should I say helped my self to 3 workers in the L.A. Cafe in Ermita. How is it there these days ?

Compared to a US Granny Smith or Golden Delicious
I find apples in the Philippines to be almost tasteless. Even the individually wrapped ones from China.

When I'm there I prefer the mangos, ummmmm, sweet and succulent.

I truly enjoy this supermarket, it is the only one I have ever found that is almost the same as the USA. It is like returning to the USA and buying food. There is still 50 percent less selection, but this is a great store, and the USA should be forever grateful for the amazing selection of foods and the quality.

Workers from the Phiiippines are exported for ships, hotels, cleaning, I believe they are building Dubai as the country people no longer work.

I am always concerned about the men in the Philippines, this is the only country on the planet where I hear women say continuosly they are no good.

First, anywhere in the world, men are tauted to be the proverbial a**holes. Andy, these women who say ill of the men in the Philippines are actually YM girls(Yahoo messenger girls), more like a mix of penpals/almost prostitute women trying to get a foreigner husband. When they meet white men they try to make a lot of sob stories like how bad their ex husbands/boyfriends were to get t attention. these are but just a very small number of FIlipinas. These types are shunned at by would be grooms. I mean , you know, most of them get white guys as boyfriends. I know its unfair to say this but, usually when a prostitute looking pinay walks with a white guy, chances are indeed she is a prostitute.. So please stop generalizing based on some women who want to get some dollars. When you see Filipinos grinning while a white guy and a YM girl passes by it usually mean that the girl has done it with most of the men in the town..

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