How Many Fruits or Vegetables on Earth

How Many Fruits or Vegetables on Earth
A person from Europe, USA would be surprised in Thailand to discover all the various types of fruits and vegetable for sale.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road
Monday, July 21, 2008
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There is a name for this, difficult to repeat.

This also same, and it has a name, maybe Niem.

This is a smaller version of the above, but I do not know the name.

Not easy to learn what these fruits and vegetables in Thailand are name, it is all Thai to me, and who would know the English World.

The bottom line, I am not sure how to say something is a fruit, and what is a vegetable, but I know the world has a lot more than what is sold in the Grocery Store at home.

I would write and explain food more, however I do not travel to eat, I refuse to even try about 95 percent of what I see available, I am just not a brave eater, or a garbage disposal eater.

How Many Fruits or Vegetables on Earth


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There are many trees that have seed pods kind of like these. One that I am aware of is the Carob or Locust Bean tree. I was once told that these were planted in a lot of towns in the US during the depression with the thinking being that when they matured, the seed pods could be eaten by poor school children. That's what I call thinking ahead.

This site has a good description of a lot of Asian foods.

Maybe someone should start a site for travelers where they could go and find out about all the different foods, fruits and vegatables that are common in any area. Heck, I'd settle to know what to do with some of the things in my local Shaws food store.

Bob L

The last two look like Eggplant. Often called "Thai eggplant" Round instead of oblong, green with white instead of purple.


Thanks Hoz,

My friend says it is a Ma-Kuh-ah in the Thailand language.

Eggplant, the last thing I want to try to eat...

About a Food site, this truly would be nice.

We have the technology, we know how allow people to post a photo with a caption below it, but the taxonomy of all the foods would need figured out.

We have an orphan system on, all Hotel go live but are not connected to a directory or category until approved.

More or less a reader could classify the food and name, somewhat like a Wiki.

The flags if the readers find a problem.

Bill S

Hi Andy, Greetings again from Kyrgyztan. China is closest on the drop down menu.

Fruits are the ovaries of the plant. They have seeds. Vegtables do not. So the tomato is a fruit oddly.

Take care


Post for Bill as he put on the Help Center

Another readers comment, that I am posting for help.

Hi Andy,

Fruits have seeds, usually on the inside e.g.cucumbers and tomatoes are fruits, as are strawberries (though seeds are outside) . Pumpkins (squash in USA, I think-the things you use for lanterns in Halloween) are fruits also.

Vegetables have no seeds. So just cut the thing open, look to see if it has seeds, Whether it is sweet or not, if it has seeds it is a fruit. So peas are fruits, you see.


A Thailand Girl comment

Hello round vegetable = ma-kur (if you pronounce ma-kur-ted = tomato)green longtail = storgreen with cut in the middle(bigger than green longtail) = look-neang

No Fruit in McDonald unless you count the fried apple pies.....

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