Cyber Begging

Cyber Begging
Hmm, which country is best at this in the English language?

"Ok, yes I do understand, you love you and your mother is sick."

Nigeria, Ghana, Philippines?

Hmm, which country is best in French?
Cameroon, Togo, Morocco?

A reader made a comment on the bottom of a Blog post and used the phrase “Cyber Begging.”
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I do not exchange emails often with the poor countries, about 50 percent of the emails turn into something about their mother being sick and they need money. Now, I realize what this should be called,
“Cyber Begging.”

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Thursday, July 31, 2008
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I do not like social networks, I am social with real people, and I have no desire to something with the webcam on my computer.

I have up on pages that allow people to post scams, frauds, and swindles, more or less when their fantasy love life on the internet turns into a problem. They discover, this is the business of Cyber Begging, normally started under the guise, of friendship and love.

When a person post on the links below, I get a copy in my email box to moderate, the Ghana and China link are active, the world has not found the Philippine link yet, however the Philippines is more a Cyber Sex specialist country. No need to go to strip shows here, go into an internet café, this is too funny and one day I will get the photo to prove what happens, and probably slapped also.

Ghana Scams
Philippine Scams

Here is the China one; they seem to be scammers experts.
China Scams

There is an art to begging, pull on your heartstrings, involve you middle class guilt, of course you know,
“You are rich and I am poor.”

I know various internet cafe where there are 20-50 people working in the internet cafes, this is a big business.

Cyber Begging


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There is nothing wrong with begging online if your in dire need, and have really nowhere else to turn. I'm just against websites set up for the purpose of begging that don't interact with their members and don't show genuine concern for them. These websites just take your money and just add your story to the thousands of people already crying for help posted there. And to keep your story noticeable or put it back on top of the list you have to pay a little extra. Which many do pay the extra several times during the three months their own. Then there are cyber beggar websites that charge a set-up fee+ the first month fee and then your paying a monthly fee for the next six months. With the way the economy is people desperately seeking help cannot afford another monthly bill. Websites that are doing this are ripping people off. The only person getting any money is the website itself. After seeing this online I created my own cyber beggar website...I talk to my members personally and through the live open chat daily. You can see my members because pictures are enabled on every webpage, and on the members introduction page. That way you can see who you donated too. The website is entertaining, not somber looking like the others. So if your a news reporter, DONOR (more importantly) or someone in true need...Please come visit my website and come chat anytime we would love to have you.

a new site for cyberbeggars where you can live your news for free

I have lost some weight and I could use a little laser lipo to set everything just right. I have been over weight all of my life and although I am happy with my size, I'd like firmer thighs. I work out but it is just taking too long to get the results I want. I am also in nursing school so the stress is overwhelming on my body. I also would like to use the remaining finances on my education. I will be graduating in one more year so hurray for me!

@msladyrag If you think about it, it can costs up to $200 for a typical person to set up a domain, web host and code a website that can accept PayPal donations. There are other services that offer free hosting, but your a slave to their host, rules, etc.

Having a separate site that does all the work for you can be helpful to those who would prefer to spend more time advertising their page rather than learning to code and host a website.

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