Chinese Backpacks Factory in Philippines

Chinese Backpacks Factory in Philippines
I spent a few hours discussing the Backpack, they said,
“Maybe 5-7 times more difficult than normal.”

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Monday, July 28, 2008
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I have contracted to have three packs made, one out of easy to find materials as a test run, and two out of the special materials I purchased. Semi-fun to negotiate these deals, then again this is just annoying.

The Women was born in the Philippines to I guess, Chinese parents and the husband came from China at age 17, a nice team and could communicate with China or Taiwan where many backpack materials are made.

It is always a push to call these businesses factories, more of a house with a lot of room, or maybe two houses in this case. What was impressive was the showroom; they must have about 50 different packs on display.

It was a good day, I think I am reaching the level of education where I know how to make a backpacks better than most.

We are proceeding by me cutting out the patterns or templates from hard cardboard, something like poster board. The pack is 8 major components, I will be sitting around in my room now for a few days cutting up cardboard and making a mess. I suppose I will make two so I have a pattern of my own, in the event the whole deal goes south.

More or less this is a Chinese Family operation whereby one person speaks Tagalog, and good enough English.

I think they were a little amazed that I can make a backpack.

Chinese Backpacks Factory in Philippines


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Hello Andy,

I am glad to find that the Windmill backpack seems to be coming together for you. From listening to you speak of it, it sounds like it will be an innovative piece of travel gear.

Looking forward to it!


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