2008 July 25 Enter Philippines leave Thailand

2008 July 25 Enter Philippines leave Thailand
I flew from Bangkok, Thailand to Manila, Philippines on 12:05 am flight that arrived about 5:00 in the morning to Manila.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road
Thursday, July 24, 2008
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I took a taxi from Khao San Road to the airport, paying 240 Baht, I told him not to use the Toll Highway. The flight was about 3 hours, arrived and got my 21-day visa on arrival as being a USA citizen.

Getting a taxi at the Manila Airport is dodgy; I normally just walk all the way out of the airport to the street, passing many guards that kept asking me if I want an Airport Taxi. The normal cost if I pay the Airport people was about 450, I ended up paying 200 Peso for a normal taxi, possibly more expense still than was correct.

2008 July 25 Enter Philippines leave Thailand


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thought you knew to go to departure area and get a taxi dropping off ? He is leaving and catching a American for the return trip is a good day.

200 pesos is fair,cheap and you now got a friend. Priceless.

I normally go to the departure areas, however I seem to walk out, I could see the road in the distance and I know there are taxis, so no need to search.

I arrived early, no hurry because my room would not be ready until the other person checked out. I was lucky thought, they gave me the 1500 peso room to use until my 1200 peso room is ready.

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