Who Buys the Search Word Travel

Who Buys the Search Word Travel
I did a search for the word “Travel” on the internet, just was curious to see who is paying the big bucks to advertise. I am guessing a company or person must pay between 10-20 US Dollars per click to advertise.

I found a couple of well-funded advertisers that makes me laugh.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Sunday, June 29, 2008
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I found these two links, must cost a fortune to big on the word Travel.



I was in Niger complaining about the Non-Governmental Organizations in Niger. A black man says to me,
“Andy, it is a business.”

Note, search results and advertisers change by country, what I search for in Thailand is not the same as what your results will be in the USA.

Who Buys the Search Word Travel


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In niger the goverment is not advertising anything online because they don t know what that is
Nigerien abroad like me who design a website like this http://www.niger1.com
my email is niger1.com@gmail.com
i remember you andy i used to visit your blog when you were in niger i also read the article in the indiana paper are you back home now mr Hobo

Hehe, I think the post was captured by a Google Alerts.

I am in Thailand, and will be going to Africa again soon. I do not live in the USA, I live traveling.

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