Sprayed My Hotel Room for Bugs

Sprayed My Hotel Room for Bugs
It is becoming a regular system of mine, I purchase a can of Insect Killer Spray and spray my Hotel Room for Bugs.

I wish one time I would not find a cockroach lying around after they kick over and die.

Pucallpa, Peru on Ucayali -Amazon River
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
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As best I know, I have never step on one with my bare feet as I walk around, but I assume one day I will, whereby I will hear,
“snap and a squish.”

Then get a weak in the knees feeling when I think what is on the bottom of my foot.

Sprayed My Hotel Room for Bugs


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EWWWWW!!! I hate cockroaches so much. i have been lucky enough to not have stepped on one with my bare feet. I'm not a bug person at all ... I would be SO MAD if I found one in my hotel room.

This actually reminds me of a video for Hampton Inn that features a hotel guest dramatically rhyming about his worst travel experiences in hotels ... he covers roaches, rodents, stained sheets, and bad service. I thought I would share the laugh with you - Let me know what you think!


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