Side Effects of Stopping Coffee and Sugar

Side Effects of Stopping Coffee and Sugar
I have not drunk coffee or had any concentrated sugar products in about 20 days; it is starting to feel like years.

I have less energy, a little out of sorts, there is no rush in eating, it is just eating to supply energy to my body.

No Processed Food Diet

Cusco Peru, South America
Sunday, June 15, 2008
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I am losing weight, I do not continually crave food, and convenience stores are just about a waste of time to enter.

I gave up Alcohol Addiction about 20 some years ago, this feels the same, the obsessions, the games played in my head, and there is a constant need to confess to the commitment.

It has been rather easy, I had a moment in my mind, I do not like my body interfering with what I want to do, and I need to be in good shape. However, I never realized how many times I sought a sugar rush, a donut, a piece of candy, a soft drink.

I walked to the market this morning, ate a banana, it felt like pure sugar in my mouth, too strange.

I cannot remember what it is like to get high off Alcohol, I wonder how long before I forget the coffee or sugar rush.

I realize I must talk, tell people what I am doing, I cannot just do this alone, I must share, and I must commit to my friends, family and world that I gave up this Sugar rush.

Two inches or more on the waist in 20 days without trying is good enough for me; another 20 days and I will start to feel mean again.

Note, I had been thinking about going on this diet for about 20 years, I first envisioned it 20 years ago, no processed foods. However, the sugar, salt, coffee and a myriad of other rules have been slowly defined in my head to not have slips or juicy rationalization excuse problems.

I am very grateful the craving of food is minimal; I may be a normal primitive human again, not developed to a level of inadequacy.

I feel sorry for the reader of my blog, I blog about what I am thinking about, this could go on for the next year until my mind fully accepts it has given up the sugar and coffee.

Side Effects of Stopping Coffee and Sugar


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Congratulations! Off alchol myself for over 20 years I actually did quit sugar and caffeine at almost the same time. It seems I was given by the universe some goal to educate people on this too - which I have filed at so far - life I guess.

I can say this. Those drugs, and they are drugs, are the most powerful psycoative drugs on the planet. The obesity epidemic is a direct result of peoples addiction to them. (I might add, and you probably don't want to hear, flour to those two as flour turns immediatly to sugar in your stomach) Be careful as to much pasta and bread will lead you back to sugar.

I could go on for days on this topic. Suffice it to say you are on the right path and in a few months (minus the flour) you will feel a sense of well being you can't even imagine right now.

Stay the course.

Be well,


I pretty much define pasta as a processed food because there is an ingedients label on the side.

Bread in a bag is in my system processed so I do not eat. I do eat the whole grain rolls offered by locals.

I am trying to stay away from the simple sugars that would be in donut or soda.

I am still working through my set of rules and think on two problem issues, Bread and Cheese, I need to study.

I do not have a problem with foods made of whole foods, it is when they add extras, basically the label is a stop signal.

However, the safe definition is, when it looks like the plant or animal it is ok. A apple looks like an Apple, when choppped up, mixed or made into a sauce or something, then I do not eat.

Salads without dressing is tough.

Not to get picking Andy but anything you do besides pick,peel and wash IS processed. The degree to which is what you have a problem with.

Boil it. You process it. However it is not reasonable to get by more than a few days on these terms in modern life and in the centuries before without processed food life expectancy was half what it is today. So reverting to a diet available 200 years ago chance are you would be dead already Andy. Blame it on science. Before you go off on me about old diets and new science remember you would have been drinking MEAD big time and would have got an Ax to the cerebellum long before you you decided to take care of yourself.

Not eating processed foods does not mean I do not allow the exceptions that is smart.

I do not care if organic or not organic, this is junk science.

I eat vitamins.

I just care that is the plant or animal in orginal form, not altered, and they do not list ingredients added.

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