Pink Underwear

Pink Underwear
The laundry person here in Lima, Peru says he could not remove the pink color from my underwear, I thought to myself,
“They have been Pink now for a year.”

Lima Peru, South America
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
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Against my better judgment, I allow a Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand to wash my clothes. When they returned them, I was happy.
“I was happy to just get my clothes back.”

They washed my underwear in with my red Same, Same, but different shirt, therefore my pink underwear have been pink for a long time.

There is a continuous test of nerves when I take my clothes to the laundry people, I never know what will happen, and sometimes they give me other people’s underwear. I was told in Ghana to watch the women, they will steal my underwear and do some Voodoo so I could never leave them, this could be a good thing or a bad thing...

I am in this nice neighborhood in Lima, Peru, the laundry man felt some shame because he could not get the pink underwear bleached white. I was quite impressed; it is nice to actually have person care about my laundry. I am living outside the tourist bubble, where the real people of the planet care. I do not feel the sucking sound of the tourist traps of the planet here on the outside.

Pink Underwear


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Andy Says "Same, Same, but different"

You think you can slip this by us Thais ? You are making joke, but it is OK we understand you understand.

Thai and Americans same same but different.

I really have a red Same Same, but different shirt that was washed with my underwear to turn them pink. No between the line jokes here, just the truth.

No one wants to steal your underwear..or even hear about it...haha..that is just gross!!!

No on wants to steal your underwear...or hear about it either...haha...that is gross!!

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