New Hobo Budget for Andy

New Hobo Budget for Andy
I have decided the only prudent thing to do is to stockpile money, keep that 600 U.S. Dollars the government says they are giving me in the bank, maybe under the bed.

These airlines seem to predicting some hard times ahead for the world.

Lima Peru, South America
Saturday, June 21, 2008
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I can feel the crunch on the planet, money is drying up, there is too much money being exported to the Middle East, I can here a big sucking noise. I will calculate my options; I will go back down to my pre-Adsense day of 10 dollars per day budget and build up a stockpile of dollars.

New Hobo Budget for Andy


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I think this is very wise, if for no other reason than the fact that you CAN travel the world on $10 a day.

Having budget restrictions also makes for more interesting travel, as you have to be clever with how to obtain what you need to live.

If you have the ability to just buy anything you want, I would think that traveling could become a little dull. Honesty, a pelethra of small buiness transactions throughout a day is not very exciting.

I think that even if I were very wealthy I would still travel the same as I do.

So I say stockpile the money. You are going to need it for when you put up Hobohideout Hostels all over the world. And I am going to need the Hobohideout Hostels for a place to sleep. haha.

Walk Slow and you don't spend any money,


The only way to earn money is to save more, earning money is not as safe as a strategy, everthing goes wrong with earning, savings is more controlled.

I think wade is the ultimate should watch this guy..haha....I heard a story where he went out to dinner with his friends at a really fancy place...bought a hotdog...and then ate everyone's leftovers after they were too full to finish....
staying OUT of the USA is a good money saver too...haha...I spend more in a day here than I spend in a week anywhere else...ouch...

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