Just Say No to USA Tourist

Just Say No to USA Tourist
I should be thankful the price of plane tickets is doubling; I hope they triple or quadruple.

Cusco Peru, South America
Sunday, June 15, 2008
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I just had to listen to a University Professor from the USA dribble about what he knows of the world from CNN on TV. It makes me ashamed he is from the USA.

I will also be happy the Euro-Trash will be stopping traveling because of increased airfares. It was obvious in Thailand last Christmas that the Europeans have already slowed by 30 percent. I can only hope the prices go higher so less people travel.

I would like it to return to the times when only the strong and capable types went traveling.

I enjoy meeting people in countries like Peru, I do not like to meet my fellow American Citizen, they just are not the
“Right Stuff.”

I have been planning how to travel Africa by land, maybe a good 12-month trip across Africa will help me to appreciate the USA more, I know I cannot stand to listen to the USA or EuroTrash opinions on the world; I need to go where they are still afraid to go.


This is all I dream about these days, as far away from the USA weak willed dribble as I can get.

I will fly to Thailand, then figure out how to fly to Ghana, or maybe Togo, whereby I will go across Nigeria towards Kenya, then up toward Ethiopia. All the countries the USA do not even know where they are on the map.

Just Say No to USA Tourist


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Way to generalize and be as "American" as the people you mock.

Andy. I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I must say, I didn't appreciate this post. It's just not nice to judge people according to where they are from. And just because you're an american, doesn't give you the right to say that about americans. This is coming from someone who isn't an american or "euro-trash".

I will generalize.
I will make judgements.
I will tell the truth.
I will say what I think regardless of the consequences.

Because, I do have the will to do what I feel and believe is best.

No apologies, the USA people and the Europeans need to stop being politally correct, and return to doing what they do correct.

China is on it way, it will rule the world as it will deserve too, if the USA and Europe does not stop the liberal dribble.

I pretty much agree with you Andy to a point. If there not padding there resumes with near useless volunteer work for a semester their out whoring with the locals they where sent to help. I do find the Israelis are some of the worst tourists I have run into. They put the Euro-trash to shame. I know of a few guest houses that see there passport and suddenly they have no rooms not that they trash the place but they treat staff and owners like trash.

I occasionally ask waitresses/bargirls in Asia what the nationalities are like and it is usually the same answers.

English (UK)= cheap but nice.
Swedes = Handsome
Japanese = sadistic/wierd but tip/pay well.
Aussies = drink to much
German= no fun
Russian = OK but get angry easy
Koreans = not nice
Israelis = terrible, insulting and cheap
Americans = very kind,good
and the only surprising answer was about Arabs. I would have thought they would be rude and dangerous but a lot of girls say the are ROMANTIC
I say your kidding but I guest they like to buy them gifts and perfumes and comeback year after year to see them again
Maybe because they are stuck with women in there country with Black sheets wrapped all over there body in 100* degree heat and not allowed to talk to them they get all romantic seeing a women with bare arms and a smile?

But on a whole Americans are kind but are serious winers about the smallest problems. Suck it up USA stop complaining about the littlest things. You got it very easy. I know I am one.

Hey Chuck WOW,

Surprised anyone would publish your generalizations but Andy does give free air however I have run into Israelis thought the world and except for the Arabs that you would think not like them I get the same feeling from a lot of friends that have met them. I am not talking about Jewish Americans or Jewish Russians. I am talking about first generation Israelis ...What a a bunch of terrible ambassadors of a country. I have only met a few hundred of the mostly the 20-40 year olds and all without exception are rude,loud,talk of stupid locals,talk of terrible service,and if it was true I would defend them. However they (The Jewish People) have had a terrible history ,but it seems they do not go out of there way to change the stereo types. I know many Americans that get out in the bush that go overboard being nice and apologizing for their country (President) but you never hear that from a Israeli's ..Israelis are always right never wrong. Not sure what to think about them ? So many years they were abused so this is maybe a modern survival tactic and they do not realize how rude they are ? Or they always act this way and hence the hatred ??? It's OK Andy if you don't print this...I understand......

I do not mind controvery, I personally enjoy the Israel travelers, enjoy their direct way of speaking and thinking.

Stereotypes exist, generalizations exist, the politically correct people want people to stop having opinions and this stops free speech.

I call the UK people, my mean older brother, so I disagree with Chuck, and the anonymous post about the Israelis. However, there is always some truths.

If you want to get moderated or deleted, just use curse words, that causes me a problem with Google.com as to the theme of the site.

Attacking me, or trying to get in an argument with me will also have the post deleted.

Wow Chuck ,
I thought it was just me who thought the Jewish Folks tend to be rude and nasty. Then I saw this on TV. I felt guilty for laughing but it seems to be the way people think of them. ?? I do avoid shopping a Jewish owned places because I really feel they do not care about the customers and it is only the money they are after. Sorry to say but that is my experience.

Link to American Comedy Show Mad T.V. sketch

I always admire the Jewish and Arab cultures for being direct, no way to misinterpret what they mean, this makes me relax.

I also have had experiences with a few Israelis and I would try not to talk politics with them or laugh when they make fun of the stupid ignorant locals (There words not mine) but they insist until they ruin what is suppose to be a vacation. These responses have reminded me of the times I have had experiences with them and never a pleasant one. I did a little digging on why this RUDE phenomenon and stumbled upon this Quote

""The behavior of young Israelis," Israeli Jay Gonen writes, "... is characterized by a high degree of chutzpah or gall; it is direct, blatant, unruly, clever, humorous, and indicates a certain lack of sensitivity to social requirements ... [It has a] disregard for rules, regulations, social norms, and good manners." Melford Spiro, in his study of the kibbutzim, discusses "insolence" as an "outstanding characteristic of the sabras" (native-born Israelis).
Here is the Link for the quote and more info written BY ISRAELIS about Israelis and why they behave the way they do.

Love your Adventures Andy

Thanks for the Link Allen....

That article explains it pretty clearly. I think it is not a generalization to say most Israelis are rude,arrogant and do not play by a fair set of rules however it is more than the "one bad apple" syndrome with them. It is more a collective rotten barrel.

I still have little sympathy for the Arabs because of 9-11-01 ,but I understand a little better with whom they are dealing with now that I read this article.

I guess this is suppose to be a travel blog ,but couldn't help but add my two cents. I have had these feeling for years but could never express them for fear of losing my job. If I wrote this to a American newspaper they would print my name and my life would be over. So Thanks Andy for a place were I could have my feelings heard without retribution.

I personally think most of you are angry because Israelis and Jewish people are generally smarter than most of you.. hehehe.

Smart people make people Angry, strong people make people Angry.

By the way, you have ten times better chance of getting killed by the Arabs than the Israeli people, plus when it comes to a dangerous situation, I want some Israeli people with me anytime before the USA or Europeans.

They are survivors, and strange to read so many comments when most of the planet never sees and Israeli, sort of mass anger or hysteria, maybe follow the lemmings attitude.

I am the university professor the Travel Hobo referred to, and in the course of an hour conversation at the Qorichaska hotel in Cuzco, Peru, the Travel Hobo made the following statements:

The US government should assassinate both Hugo Chavez and Iran´s president Mahmood Ahmadinejad

The vast majority of Iraqis, indeed all Arabs, support George Bush and support US policies in the middle east because "Arabs only respect power."

Most all of the Iraqi insurgents fighting US troops in Iraq are actually Iranian, since, according to the Hobo Traveler, the Iraqis support the US occupation of Iraq.

Arabs only understand force

The only reason US soldiers report that Iraq is a hellhole is because the soldiers ¨aren´t getting any beer or pussy over there.¨ (I´ve had three students who have served in Iraq and all three told me it was an absolute ¨hellhole.¨

The US reporters from CNN and the other major news outlets in Iraq were ¨a bunch of homosexuals that hid in the Palestine Hotel because they were too chicken to go out and see what was really happening.¨

¨Sadam Hussein brought peace to Iraq by killing everyone.¨

There´s more, but I think you get an idea where the Travel Hobo is coming from.

My son was there at the time and will attest to all of the above statements made by the Hobo Traveler.

My conversation with the Hobo Traveler only proves that you can take the boy out of the corn fields of Indiana, but you can´t take the Indiana corn fields out of the boy!

Sincerely, the CNN educated University Professor

Most dangerous place on Earth is going to be the day after the Presidential Election in the USA. There will be Riots in If Obama loses and there will be Celebration Riots if he wins. I don't think that would happen in Israel.

Too funny, Michael Powelson actually read the site, he is indeed the the person I talked to in the Qorichaska Hotel.


As you can notice, he resembles Michael Moore, denigrates Indiana poeple, and tries to mis-represent or twist every word I said, using the words I said in in constricted way to be used against me, too funny, and normal. He does not say any of his own opinions, or why he supports Chavez above the USA governement, or Che, or all the other anti-USA comments he made.

I feel bad he brings his 10-14 year old son into this, he is a good young man.

I do not sell controvery on this site, and do not want to encourage readers to continue on al this anger. I was more or less just tired of another anti-USA person complaining about the USA.

Michael Powelson tells the people who he is, I did not use his name, was leaving a real person out of this, however he did man up, or anger himself up and use his name, if that is his name, so I do respect that. He still speaks sounds like the 1960's Vietnam Anti-War protester I suspect he was, still talking the same noise he protested about when he was 20-30 and has not evolved above the Anti-USA ideas of the 60's.

People graduate from High School, they go to University, whereby they settle into a mind-set where they are rigid. Michael Powelson is a product of the anti government, do not trust the establishment groups of the 60's, he just repeats the rhetoric of the 60, and the new talking heads of CNN.

I was trying to tip him off center by using very hard, opposite views, I could not get him to say anything but straight line liberal crap. No personal solutions were offered by Michael Powelson, only the contiuous opinions that the USA as the bad guy.

I do respect that Michael Powelson used his name, said more or less the truth, twisted as these comment were.

Michael more or less said, that the USA government has tried to kill the majority of leaders in Central and South America. I said about Chavez. If indeed we did try to kill Chavez, which I do not think the USA government has tried, however if they did,
"I am ashamed of the USA for not getting the job done."

That comment start his dribble, he did not take any commments I said to have any validity, so I continued to take the Piss as the British say and wind him up more and more, trying to see if he would ever accept any one statement, outside the whole contect and having validity. Nothing would make him to think outside the box, just the same dribble. There is no way of interjecting new information into his head, even though I was in Iraq for 30 days, and he just heard opinions about Iraq.

He believes what the anti-USA people say, hook, line and sinker, he is what is wrong with America today, and I was hoping to just walk away from him forever.

I sort of felt he was trying to look smart in front of his son, not the best way to appear to a son. His as best I understand lives in a different city, maybe this is a separated family situation, I am not sure, did not want to ask, keep the focus on the father, son trip, a good thing to do.

I am 52, he is about the same age, or older, this is what happened to the people from the 1960 after the Vietnam War, they estranged their comments for the rest of their life from any loyalty to the USA, all love was lost, just cynical comements that makes everyone fight.

I truly believe Michael Powelson hates the USA.

By the way folks, enough of your anti-Israel or Jewish comments, the world can now see that I have to listen to this daily. There is really an anti-Israel movement.

I like the Israel people, I would travel and associate with them, I trust them, they say what the mean, wheter I like it or not.

So, stop, or I will just delete, I was just allowing so the world could feel how many people are angry at Israel, this is not correct in my opinion, I do not approve of Israel expanding settlements, and I have been to Israel. But to make this a we and them issue contiually is saying to the suicide bombers this is right. There is no justice in a suicide bomber, this is always wrong, no exceptions.

War is ok, to bring arms against an oppressor is ok, to fight for what you believe in, to just terrorize people with no hope of accomplishment is too stupid for words, just evil.

I guess even Andy has to draw the line somewhere. I am positive there are pleasant,tactful,kind,giving Israelis out there. It's just that many of Andy's readers have not met them. I have and they moved to USA because they could not stand the national psychosis of Israel. They love the Americans and are happy such a place is welcoming for the Jewish people. God Bless the USA.

Josh Goldman said...
"Most dangerous place on Earth is going to be the day after the Presidential Election in the USA. There will be Riots in If Obama loses and there will be Celebration Riots if he wins. I don't think that would happen in Israel".

Holy molly Josh,

Thanks for the wakeup call. I would be doing business in Chicago during that time of the year. I have canceled. I'm not going to volunteer for a beating. I lived in L.A. during the Riots and I tell you that was the first time in my life I was terrified; stuck in traffic having my car rocked and stoned by people with hatred in their eyes. Had I not drove onto a sidewalk and down a one-way street to escape I know I would have been killed or seriously injured. L.A. Riots Link my worse nightmare God that was a terrible time. I think this is a good word of caution if you can avoid Urban/ can I say Black ? areas during this time you should do so. Scared but hopeful this won't happen.

Andy I think you opened up a big can-o-worms. Anyway found this interest clip of Black American comedian Chris Rock asking the question "Who is more racist ? Black people or White people". His answer is surprising but so full of truth.

Hope link works Chris Rock on Racism
Don't know much about Jewish people but when I see a large group of people with those Beanies on the head I don't walk in the other direction or have any fear waiting for them to pass. However when a group of Black people with all the same color bandannas on or group colors I feel as if I could be in danger. I too will be batting down the hatches come election day.

Can you close off this comment section and get back to budget traveling. These posts are making me ill. I think your trying to drum up viewership by making stupid generalizations then letting other make the same mistake. I for one look forward to election day and will be celebrating the first black president not rioting but out congratulating my black neighbors !!

Although I do not like to read these comments, they are real people with real fears. Fear is shown as anger.

I personally do not read comments on blogs often, they are not worth the effort.

I never stopped traveling or budget travel, I would say you need to stop reading this blog.

I would say if Obama does not win there is be Riots, if he wins, hmm.

There is a real reason why I titled this post,"Just Say No to USA Tourist."

The American public has lost the essential fortitude it needs, the world has shifted into passing gear. Dribble...

How does one get ill from a blog?

I normally let the comments fly as long as they are not trolls or flamers, and do not use profanity. Most of these peple are just saying what they think. Not much point in reading the comments, they are just entertaiment same as CNN - Comedy New Network.

Andy HoboTraveler.com said...
"I would say if Obama does not win there is be Riots",

Is this a sly attempt at Ebonics ?
and are you agreeing with these nuts that there will be riots if he loses ?

This Month on American T.V. PBS channels PUBLIC U.S. Government sponsored Channels (you remember the Sesame Street channel) are showing a documentary called
"The Jewish People: A Story of Survival".
Before you think well "What B.S. are they pumping out PBS in America is very liberal so they NEED goverment support. However this show seems quite even handed. I watched with a Jewish friend and after I said how do you feel. He said same as you might when watching a documentary on the IRISH.

I won't spoil it. So watch. It is worth it.

Very interesting and worth watching
didn't change my mind, but won't tell you how I felt before.

If the USA White culture and the Black Cultures are the same culture, then there will be no riots.

To say all culture are the same incredibly stupid, to imply that cultures behave the same is to deny the word culture. The difference in people makes life interesting.

I hope I am in Africa when the Election happens, the people in Africa are less Racist against whites than the African Americans..

The racism that is harbored in today American culture is exerted more by the Blacks than the Whites.

I don't think it's anti Jewish to say Israelis are rude people. I am Jewish and lived in Israel for two years and I never met a ruder, more arrogant, nasty bunch in my life. Yuck.

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