Europe on 10 Dollars per Day

Europe on 10 Dollars per Day
“I am spending far less than $10 a day to travel well in some of the most expensive places on the planet.”
Wade of in Europe

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Sunday, June 29, 2008
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He purchased a bike and is traveling south towards Turkey, with a push he could keep on moving south toward Egypt, Sudan and meet me in Ethiopia.

I keep thinking about Egypt and how to get across Sudan by land, somehow I am told to get the Visat to Sudan, Egypt gives me temporary citizenship, I translate all the papers into Arabic and wait in Egypt until I say please or something happens.

Europe on 10 Dollars per Day


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Yes, lets meet in Ethiopia. . . somehow, someway. I know of one fellow who crossed the Sudan, but he says that it cannot be done anymore. His name is Adam and you can find him at

Walk Slow,


Paul Theroux tried to go overland from Cairo to Capetown. But ended up having to fly in and out of Sudan. No overland crossings were open. I'd love to read about you guys doing it but the odds are tall.

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