Coffee Filters Clean Waters

Coffee Filters Clean Waters
A person can buy Water Purifying Systems, they have filters and you pump the water through the filter. I have never seen anybody on planet earth carry one for longer than three months before they stopped using them.

Example of Water Purification Systems

Buying water is easier than using these systems, however, expensive, about 3 US Dollars per day to drink three liters, I have trouble believing countries can be so cruel as to not provide free waters to their people.

Cusco Peru, South America
Thursday, June 12, 2008
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I do not buy water often, I would just as soon die early, however I have started to boil water, I am slowing perfecting a system to boil water, and I also boil the purified water, because I do not trust companies that bottle water. I will soon make another video explaing a simple system to boil water for drinking, however today I was excited.

Coffee Filters, I can replace the sock system.

Buying them stupid filters for all the silly water purification systems above is close to impossible, I do not return home, they do not see them anywhere on the planet.

However, coffee filters, they do sell them anywhere on the planet for the most part, sometimes difficult, and maybe cheesecloth, whatever that is?

I can stop with the sock idea and move up to the coffee filter, there is no such thing as perfectly safe water, there is water that optimized for safety. I truly trust boiling water more than I trust a bottle of purified water. Getting the water to cool is the biggest problem with boiling.

Note, I would still just continue to drink the water, it has not killed me in 10 years of travel, and I have drunk the water in every country. However, I am starting to think that drinking the water causes my immune system to work overtime, I think maybe it will work less if I boil the water.

I need a water testing laboratory to send samples, if you know of a water testing laboratory in the USA that can do this job, please click on contact an write Andy of I am wanting to test the water around the world.

Coffee Filters Clean Waters


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Maybe a piece of light weight material could work instead of a coffee filter...

I'm not a big fan of most travel gadgets but I love with my Steripen UV purifier... it's 3" long, weighs a few ozs, uses camera batteries & takes just a minute to purify a litter. (And no, I don't work for them!)

There is an advantage to using your socks to filter water. Clear water AND clean socks! Hehehehehe.

Socks or coffee filters will not remove the bad nasties that can make you sick. you need a micron filter to do that. The coffee filters only remove some sediments and big stuff floating in the water. Besides, if you have drunk the worlds water for the past 10 years without getting sick I would think your system has built antibodies to fight the most simple forms of "Revenge" whether Montezumas, Magellans, or Zulu.


How does a person who never goes to the USA buy Micro Filters.

I want a homemade way to replace a micro filter.

I tend to believe people worry too much about the taste.

What can live through hot boiling water?

I went and looked at the Steripen UV Purifier, seems small enough. 75 dollars is still not cheap.

I got sick from drinking bottled water in Nepal last year - turned out the company was not even filtering out insects because there was a news report showing mosquitoes in a sealed bottle, the same brand which I drank at lunch that day, next day sick as a dog, vomiting and diarrhea. Iodine will kill just about everything short of some Crypto and possibly Giardia cysts, for that I have read that coffee filters will do the trick - so when I cant get boiled water and for tooth brushing I will use iodine and coffee filters from now on - going back to Nepal in 3 weeks.

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