Captive Eye Carabiner

Captive Eye Carabiner
This is a Photo of a Carabiner that can be sown to a backpack and cannot be stolen easily. I am 90 percent sure this type of Carabiner will be incorporated into the design of the Windmill Traveler Backpack I am going to make and sell.
Cusco Peru, South America
Monday, June 16, 2008
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This is a photo of the type of Carabiner I am interested in buying; a normal one can be taken off the bag or stolen.

I am considering using in two ways, the first idea is to take the shoulder harness and attach at the top and bottom, whereby allowing the straps to be removed easily.

The second idea is maybe to use to hang the bag up in a room or quick attach to the bus, train, or baggage compartments so they can hang securely.

For example, we were sleeping on a boat from Manaus to Iquitos on the Amazon River and it would have been great to hang the bag securely above our Hammocks.

The other time is on a train from Mumbai to Goa I wanted to attach the bag to the screen between compartments and hang above me and not sleep with the bag yet be safe from theft.

I for sure could attach in any Hostel in Europe and lock the bag to the bed or other parts, this Carabiner would allow the bag to hang, then use the locking chain system of the bag to lock the bag.

Captive Eye Carabiner


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Boat shops sell similar 'biners in stainless and brass. But maybe a better choice would be a locking biner.

There are cheap versions of these that can be gotten at some hardware stores too.

These are not exactly what you want, but an idea generator

Although, frankly, I do not see the point in having something so heavy on your pack that could easily be cut off. I would think you would want to keep it light. A thin cable would be better for most purposes.

And, of course, anything made for boating or climbing will be expensive.

Bob L



These two links are simliar and priced about the same as the photo above.

There are many reasons for these, items, however I do agree they are pretty big. I hope to find smaller versions for manufacturing.

I for the most part want unhook the lower part of the shoulder harness so I can quikly tuck it inside or use to hang on wall or in a closet.

Nothing truly makes sense as one thing, it is part of the whole overall system that will explain. There are lots of ways a person learns to like or dislike a bag over years of using backpacks, that a person that is a casual traveler will not care about.

99 percent of people buy a fashionalble bag, this is a bag for a person who truly plans on living out of the bag for years.

if you're planning to use two of these bags at a time, one for front and back, you could maybe use the carabiners to link the back and front pack together like a poncho or bib?

Probably vastly uncomfortable and impractical, but that's what popped into my head.

Exactly Ash, very good, I could connect the two together and have like saddle bags over my shoulders.

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