Called to Check Airline Bags Weights and Sizes

Called to Check Airline Bags Weights and Sizes
I would recommend the whole world call the airlines directly before they get on a flight. I just called the United Airlines 800 number.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
Sunday, June 22, 2008
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The women was great, polite and assured me I could take two bags on the flight to Thailand and each bag could way 50 pounds or less. My carryon bag is not checked for weight, but must fit in the more or less 14 X 22 X 9 inch size, or maybe bigger for United Airlines.

Careful, International flights allow more weight, you get off the plane overseas, and then pay double to take a bag on a domestic jet.

Called to Check Airline Bags Weights and Sizes


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What happened to that blog about ragging on American tourist ? lots of great comments now can't find it to forward to friends. I went to the end then clicked page 2 and it gives hundreds of links...I kinda computer savvy but can't find it. Should make it easier to continue reading in order.


Great point.

If I remember correct, airlines like Alitalia and Malaysia Airlines for instance have a carry on weight restriction of just 5kg (11 pounds).

With the above carriers (and others) I suppose theoretically one could get skinned because of overweight bags both internationally and domestically (coming and/or going) depending on how one has pieced their flight legs together.

While not comprehensive, someone has gotten a start on collecting the baggage allowances on one web page here.

Airline baggage allowances


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