Best Value Seat on the Plane

Best Value Seat on the Plane
Plenty of legroom, balanced on the wing for the least amount of motion sickness, this seat is the best value seat on the plane. It is time I realized it and asked for it, what am I waiting for?
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
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The plane was empty, so I jumped on back a few seat to this spacious, open seating area where there is an escape door. The area is wider, more legroom, life is good. I was able to lie down and take a nap on the trip between Fort Lauderdale and Detroit on

The Airplane people often, if not normally whethe I want an aisle or window seat, I normally say aisle so I am not packed in like a sardine. However, it is time I learned which seat to ask for, I need to ask for the aisle seat next to the escape door above the wing, there is probably an easier way to say this and I will learn.

Hey, if that word Legroom is spelled wrong, blame it on the spell checker of Microsoft Works. I tried Leg Room, it did not like it, I do not argue with machines.

Best Value Seat on the Plane


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Ask for "Emergency Exit Seating" over the wing.

Some emergency seating has a bulkhead in front of you. Although there is more room for your knees, you have no seat in front of you to put your feet under and no luggage space in front of you and sometimes no tray, or just the little one that comes out of the chair arm.

Bob L

one of the best conversations I've ever had at an airport was the Checkin with 'Spice Jet' from Goa, India to Delhi, India.

'Did you reserve seats, sir?'
'No, I booked online and there was no option'
'Ah yes. Well, you are very tall and fat, so we will put you next to the escape door where there is more space'

I think that is the first time I could thank someone for calling me fat!


I think airline crew typically refer to it as the overwing. So I guess it would be called the overwing aisle seat. ?? I think they also like the people sitting there to be physically capable of opening and operating the exit door in an emergency situation. Not sure if it's true for all airlines. I usually try and sit as far back as I can.

Overwing Exits at Wikipedia


I have the airline people ask me if I want to go sit in these seats and they ask me if I am willing to open the door...

"Well, you are very tall and fat, so we will put you next to the escape door where there is more space"'

Same Same but different happened to me on Vietnam Airlines. Beautiful 10 + check in clerk said ' "you are "RATHER FAT" Would you like to sit in back of the Jet where there are open seats so you do not to discomfort the Vietnamese passengers ?

Sure !!

She would lose her job if she worked for an American Airlines but she was just stating the obvious and found a good solution for all. !!! Plus the gave me an extra meal !

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