USA Most Welcomed Travelers

USA Most Welcomed Travelers
This honor is shared with Denmark and Finland, I would say the USA citizen traveler is most welcomed because many countries entry officials would hassle the Danes and Fins because they have never heard of the country. This makes the USA the de facto winner.

Most Freedom to Enter Countries List or Least Restrictions.

“Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan score lowest, i.e. their citizens have the least travel freedom.”

Translated into reality, this means, least welcomed.

Antigua, Guatemala
Sunday, May 18, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I continually try to explain the world loves the USA, the USA is wanted, invited; life is easy for us on the planet. The world does not hate us; I now have some facts that back up my opinion, trying to shut up the ambiguous, weak willed, out of control press, who tell people what to think with no facts.

If you are listening to some anti-USA crap, I would say buck up, grow up, and get a life, do not agree with this noise propagated by the wimpy, dainty, weak minded, writers of the planet, who are afraid of their own country, or just hate their father. They do not like anybody that is more powerful then them, and that is everyone. You are listening to the bullies of the planet, or the weak will who think the USA is a bully because they have no power and never will. It is a reverse way of getting us to stop being a strong nation.

Too funny in way, the truth is this, who their right mind would read a blog that makes them full of rage. Who in their right mind would sit around listening to another person criticize their home. (The USA is my de facto Home.)

On the other hand, who in their right mind would want another person to love their country? I love the USA, but I could care less if the world does, I think we just need to do the right thing, and let the cards fall where they fall, doing the right thing is what our responsibility is.

Who cares if Germany likes us?
I am sure Hitler did not like us stopping his evil empire.

Note: This is just a guide for fun, interesting and can help stop the Euro Trash from ruining your day, give you a card up your sleeve, some ammunition to stop the ambiguous gender noises.

A lot of this is jealousy and anger instigated in Europe, England, France, Spain and Portugal were de facto leaders of the planet; Germany never real has been and has tried in two world wars to take the status.

The USA is the de facto leader of the planet, whether we want it or not.

USA Most Welcomed Travelers


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Yes, this is true. Before I began traveling I, too, thought that the world was an unfriendly place for Americans and that USA foreign policy made the world hate us. But after eight years of traveling on five continents, I realized that this is not true:

The world is a very hospitable place for the American citizen, and I have NEVER EVER had a problem for being from the USA outside of dealing with Europeans who seemingly had a slight touch of little dog syndrom.

No, I do not tell people that I am from Canada, or do I think that the Canadians need those stupid little flags to let people know that they are not from the USA. In my experience, when I tell people from the USA they become interested and ask many questions about where I come from and then tell me that they, too, want to live in my country.

I back Andy up here, the world is a very hospitable place for Americans.

Wade from

Amen brother. Couldn't agree more.

The world is envious and resents our place in the world. In their eyes, we're not a responsible nation trying to squelch problems before they get out of control, but rather, we're a bully nation that imposes its will upon others. Well they weren't complaining when we imposed our will during WWI and WWII and saved their butts, nor were they complaining when we acted as a deterrent to the Soviet Union's/Communism's expansionist policies throughout Europe and the World. Do Europeans forget what happened the last time we/they failed to get involved preemptively (i.e.WWII).

Amen brother! Couldn't agree more.

They loved us during the Cold War and WWII but now view us as the aggressor. They do not understand U.S. policy of squelching small fires before they become large fires. You think they would have learned after having suffered through two world wars.

I just love the question of "Do we have the right to tell Iran whether or not they can have a nuclear bomb." Wrong question! Rather, "Can we risk allowing Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon." Answer: Of course not.

Oh well.

I think for people who work in tourism-business it is unimportand where a traveler comes from. on the other hand, you´ll everywhere find both alien-unfriendly as well as -friendly people even towards americans and even in irak.

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