Travel Water Purification System

Travel Water Purification System
I normally drink the water on planet earth, however contrary to most travelers I am prepared and ready to optimize my health safety. This is a video explaining briefly your best option, what is feasible in all countries, this system does not require you return home to buy filters for something that broke weeks ago. Replaceable, sustainable, and realistic, no blowing hot air up your skirt.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Andy of ---

You think you can avoid the water, wrong, you must drink water even if sewer water, you will drink water, you have no choice.

Plan ahead, stay in the resort, of go homeā€¦ hehehe

Travel Water Purification System


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All this from a guy with "animales" in his gut. Hehehehehe.

Boiling will kill most all harmful bacteria, spores eggs and virus.

But it will not remove metals or other contaminates found in water.

Adding chlorine before boiling is redundant and unnecessary. The chlorine just boils off.

Filtering thru activated carbon will remove odors and bad taste but where U gonna get that in the 3rd world?

There is a chemical product called "Pristine" or Aqua Mira that kills the baddies and also makes odoriferous water taste better. (Do a Google) It is chlorine dioxide and is the same thing used in municipal water treatment worldwide.


Yes, Animales in the gut... hehehe

I think I got from Vegetables, mainly carrots I purchased in the market and ate without cleaning.

Very good explanation of water. I think if I had the time, I would allow water to sit clorinated for 24 hours before I boiled it.

I do not care about the taste so who cares about the carbon. I sure am hoping clorine bleach is good, but knowing me, I will just talk about this and never do it.

I am trying to figure out how to debug an apple, celery, lettice, and anything from the market. I am lucky, I have a big bucket, I am the only traveler I know who carries a bucket.

In a way, this video is a ritual that travelers can perform to create a sense of well-being. The idea of being healthy is more powerful than the idea of being sick. They must do some ritual to feel safe, even if it does not work.

I got animals, it will make feel good to do this ritual for the next two weeks until I get tired and forget.

Vegetables can be briefly soaked in a weak chlorine bleach and water solution.


Thoroughly wash and disinfect produce before eating.

* Wash in clean, potable water with a scrub brush. Remove all silt.
* Immerse produce for 15 to 20 minutes in a weak chlorine solution. Household bleaches contain from 2 to 6 percent chlorine. The amount of bleach to add to water depends on the percentage of chlorine it contains:

2 percent chlorine: use 3/4 tablespoon per quart

4 percent chlorine: use 1 teaspoon per quart

6 percent chlorine: use 1/2 teaspoon per quart

* Rinse thoroughly with safe drinking water.
* Peel if possible and cook thoroughly before eating.

An excellent chloro explanation. Watch the video again and think, you will see I am showing you the tools of the trade, you need a lot of plastic containers. The tools are the problem, not the process, what you need to carry is on-focus.

I said in the video I do not talk about this, because there is no way to explain all of this, its a lot.

You are not in Kansas, you are not in the kitchen at home, your are traveling.

Soaked in what? MY Blue bucket

Where do I store the Potable Water?

Hmm I need a scrub brush, can I use my shower rag from Africa, plastic Mesh?... yes,

Storage of chlorine, this is dangerous stuff?
Read my tip on bottles that leak...

I need a tablespoon.

Quart, I need to measure a quart in a world of liters.

Rinse in what, I had two of them 5 gallon blue buckets in Africa.

Peel, Yes, I want to peel fruits and vegetables in my room.

Travel Health Needs a Kitchen in Hotel

If you want to do this, make a list of all the items you need to carry, then ask yourself, are you strong enough and smart enough to use in a hotel room.

Anyone that want to go lightweight, cannot eat and cook healthy. It require four times the amount of items I showed. This is just 1/4 of my cooking equipment.

However, thanks for the chloro information, it was excellent.

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