Travel Tips are Worthless

Travel Tips are Worthless
I aspire to explain travel tips that optimize the enjoyment of being a traveler, or simply a tourist.
I now believe today that writing travel tips is worthless to my readers, there is contempt before consideration of the Travel Tips.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
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I have realized now and understand that there is the you and me problem. I know I am not you, and you know you are not me. I have always looked at advice or my travel tips as stand alone ideas. Thoughts that have value whether you say them or I say them, or even the President of the USA says them, I really do not care, a good idea is a good a good idea, a bad one is bad, not really important to me who is the carrier of the message, the travel tip.

I now realize the word Hobo, the perception of me, the reader’s anticipation of reading about bums, cheap people, or even a person who life is difficult stops the message.

I am good or even great at marketing, this revelation of how to motivate readers makes me weak in the knees, truly negates the value of years of work trying to help travelers and tourist.

The contempt before consideration stops readers from believing these tips apply to them. I do not expect a person to travel like me, however I do hope and expect a person to see the inherent simple value of a good idea.

In a nutshell, tips not package up in a beautiful package, great graphics, nice page design, then explained by University Professor is ignored.

Travel Tips are Worthless


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Don't stop the tips, please!

Just because we do not travel exactly like you do, and may not use the tips exactly like you do, does not mean we do not use them in some manner or that they don't spark ideas for new ways of doing things for ourselves.

Next thing you will stop giving us your opinions and observations because we do not necessarily think like you. ^_^


Bob L

I write and post to make money.

It is not necessary to think like me, I have learned recently even the most simple ideas, the universally used ideas are ignored. Not even my ideas, just ideas that any well traveled person does are ignored.

I am slowly evolving to a point where I want everyone to stay home and not travel.

I do feel obligated morally to explain some dangers where I can, however these tips are the most ignored.

This is truly my diary, something I do for fun, ones in a while a reader gives some helpful advice, and I observe some interesting charcters trolling around on the internet. I must keep aware of the mental situation in the English language to make money.

At the end of the day, I must recognize what motivates the USA citizen.

I am saying, the value of good tips is about a zero to the readers, however the value of pretty photos and assine gossip sells.

I have never been willing to talk stupid just to make money and could not imagine writing stupid stuff in my own diary for money.

More or less readers are reading my diary over my shoulder. I make money by allowing them to do this.

I will soon be greatly restricting the access to people who comments. We will still allow comments from people who help the ideas along, however anybody making clever, sneaky, or abusive remarks will be banned with their IP address, etc.

There are tips that are universal, that have nothing to do with me, just are used by every smart traveler. The majority of my tips are above the ablity of most readers to use, either not mechanical enough, or too lazy and too weak to carry the gear needed.

Funny part too, if I abuse reader, the more money I make, however I try to avoid this tactic unless I want the message to penetrate farther into their brains because it involves security or being too stupid for words.

to travel is to enjoy life

*where I want everyone to stay home and not travel.*

Sometimes I feel that way about motorcycling, a sport I am heavily involved in, teach, and participate in competitive events.

Something you might want to think about that might lower your distaste of the occasional traveler or watever: Most of the people you consider good travelers probably started out as idiot travelers. Necesity, natural ability, inteligence, experience, whatever changed them into die hard, decent travelers. Some may never become anything but anoying, but some will become those that you will want to sit and talk all night with.

I see this in motorcycling, and see it in myself. If you took 1,000 people and taught them to ride, 990 of them would be casual riders who consider themselves rough-tough bikers = anoying people. 8 of them would become real enthusiasts, decent people who are not anoying. And 2 of them would become true die-hards who are very interesting and have lots of tips for all the other riders. Although at least 990 of them would ignore the tips.

When I write it is my diary, but I add a little more to it to try to make it interesting or fun for my target audience (freinds and family). Before the internet, I wrote a diary on paper, and it was similar to my on-line, but less entertaining. When you write in a way that suits you, it is always more entertaining. Your writing always keeps me entertained. Thanks.

Bob L

1 in 500 can use the tips... or 2 in 1000.

I get paid to entertain, not to give value, I have always known this. My own thoughts are entertaining to me, so I write them down.

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