Travel Tip on Toilet Paper Management

Travel Tip on Toilet Paper Management
This is a travel tip video explaining how to make a Mini-Roll of Toilet Paper to carry in your pocket while traveling. You can remove the cardboard core out of the larger roll, then next showing how to remove the inner section of toilet paper so, you have a mini-roll.

Why are people so arrogant they think these travel tips do not apply to them?

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Monday, May 12, 2008
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My friend Chris was packing down in his bag a roll of toilet paper, I thought to myself, this is recipe for embarrassment disaster. He is experiencing a three day, adjust to another country case of diarrhea, nothing new, just an adjustment phase of the body, I think about 80 percent of travelers or tourist experience this type of diarrhea.

Take a 7-day trip to Guatemala; donate three days to the toilet, then bus trips become an obstacle course.

I should have allowed him to get on a bus with a roll of toilet paper packed five minutes away from use, or on top of the bus stored. I am truly wondering if anybody avoids this terrible experience by reading my travel tips and learning, or do they just read tips, hints for some way of feeling stupid later.

I think everyone thinks I joke or something, this is annoying stupid, I give some of the best, real, actually needed travel tips on the planet, then a friend of mine comes that has read close to every one of them and does not use them…

What do you too rich to use your brain people think, stop associating the word hobo with a tramp or something you are not? I for sure think you are pig, too stupid for a conversation if you cannot separate needs from just reading. You need to grow up, think, and use your head and stop thinking like children, I refuse care if you cannot learn about your body, your life, your mind, and how you think.

If you are not a Hobo, stop reading this page, the blog, if you cannot realize everyone has the same needs, whether being abused by a five star hotel, or by a minus two star hotel. We are the same, you are not special, and for sure, you deserve to be criticized for not using your brains.

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Blog of Andy

Why are people so arrogant they think these travel tips do not apply to them?

Travel Tip on Toilet Paper Management


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*Why are people so arrogant they think these travel tips do not apply to them?*

Most learn by experience. Some do not even learn from that. But you are missing another thing. You do not *need* to carry toilet paper handy. That is a convenience.

If you don't bring it, you have to adopt. You may be uncomfortable, but you can use your underwear. Newsaper. Water. Whatever. I think, though, once you get caught in this situation once, you will say *Why did I not listen to Andy?*.

FWIW I have always had my paper handy when travelling. On the bike, by plane, bus whatever. I always bring it into public restrooms if I am a decent walk away from my bag/bike. Keeps me from having to walk all the way back to my bag/bike if there is none in there. When I am moving fast, as I often do in the US, riding 18 to 29 hours a day on the motorcycle I keep toilet paper, toothbrush/paste, soap and a washcloth in my riding suit. Makes this kind of weird travelling faster and easier. You can stop someplace private, clean up, brush teath and sleep on a picnic bench without ever unpacking the bike. I have never been in a situation where I felt I *Needed* toilet paper to be imediately handy. So far, all my *disturbances* have been controllable enough that I could get to a toilet/tree at a relaxed pace. The only times so far in my life I have had less than controllable problems, I was in bed and could quickly get to my own toilet. So far, so good.

Obviously, I am not a Hobo Traveler. But love and use many of your tips. Some were new to me, some I learned on my own.

Bob L

Oh, another tip, for if you are not going to be able to find toilets at all. (camping etc) Don't remove the tube. Keep it, and run a string through the tube and tie it in a loop. The string needs to be long enough so you can hang the roll over your neck. That way you do not need to put the paper down on the ground while you are squatting. This is also good for some public restrooms wher ethe floor/walls etc are not exactly clean. And don't forget the plastic bag to keep it dry.

Bob L

I would say, you are obviously a Hobo type of traveler. You adapt to situations.

I think this is some type of writing style, it works, I know if I call a person something, it makes their brain work.

If you want to learn how to use water, go to Asia, there is no paper, only on the restaurant tables, a roll they use for wiping our mouths.

People get hung up on status, I was laughing at Chris, he said, that room is not a 10 dollar room, it cost more.

I said,
"Who give a shit about the price, I would stay in a 100 dollar room if it fit what I needed on that day."

I do not want to pay 100 dollar, have not found many rooms that include the two girls to make it worth the 100 dollars, but I suppose one day I could justify something that is worth 100 dollars.

I purcahsed a fan yesterday, I will use for a week and throw away, I will lose 15 US to be cool and comfortable.

Adapt, this is Hobo, they went from place to place in any way that got the job done, they were effective, they did not get captured by their egos.

Great example of adapting to the envriroment to survive, and even better thrive...

I know I live better than most five star people. My friend just came back from staying in a Hilton in Barcelona.

He hated Barcelona, I loved Barcelona, I would say he took a wrong turn, could not adapt, paid to reserve a week of crap living style, thinking money buy love.

Nice post dude!!!

Removing the cardboard is an old backpacker trick. Pinching a piece of the middle is a new one for me.

When we were visiting the Philippines last winter I found many "comfort rooms" there do not have paper, but they do have a little long handled bowl called a "tabo". It is for washing your behind...with your hand.

Luckily there is usually soap to wash your hands afterward.


Hehehe, the funny part, I almost always try to buy napkins for the table because easier, simpler and more durable. This type of thinking even deviates farther away from the culture.

First tourist and travelers should accept it is wise to carry paper.

Second learn this is quick, and easy to do...

Third, switch them if possible to table napkins, however, not all countries have napkins, and countries such as Brazil sell paper that does not absorb for napkins, a real waste of time.

Change, think, adapt, there is never one answer to travel tips.

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