Start Vacations on Thursday

Start Vacations on Thursday
Chris is flying in today, it is Saturday, this is causing a lot of headache, he is arriving at the perfect time 5:30 in morning.

However, the day of week is horrible; every dingaling on the planet enters the tourist cities on Friday and Saturday.

Like taking off at rush hour for joy ride, and I hope vacations are a joy ride, but most people seem to work when on Vacation.

Antigua, Guatemala
Saturday, May 3, 2008
Andy of ---

Room are full, owners of hotels are greedy, service is at the end of week low as everyone takes the week end off and stops working.

Europe is always funny, they take August off, their busy time of year.

Entering a tourist city on Friday, Saturday is a pain, we have to pay more for rooms because the hotel owners go into extortion greed mode, as they are full, and the whole experience is less.

I think people want the weekend time, but with a little thought, I think the many people could avoid the waiting for the weekend idea.

I have been laughing to myself, not normal for me to have to deal with mainstream tourist, but to return to Antigua on Friday, stay Saturday and leave on Sunday make me understand why I do not like tourism.

I keep dwelling on the idea of having a Hotel or Hostel, I am thinking of having a reservation system that requires the clients to live in the hotel for one week or pay for one week. I think that would slow down the people enough to make them know they are on vacations to relax and enjoy the day. I really do not want to live with stresse out people on vacation.

The staff of my hotel took the weekend off, they do not care about clients, they know the money is guaranteed, we are in a tourist trap... hehehe The new workers are managing the crowds, he least amount of experience when needed the most.

Tourist Economics is exactly opposite of normal.

Start Vacations on Thursday


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