Off Focus Off Topic Reading Skills

Off Focus Off Topic Reading Skills
Eric sent me a link explaining how people read words on the internet, or correctly how they do not read, it appears the average person reads somewhere from 10 to 30 percent of words according to the type of pages.

My problem is this, I write a blog post, people do not read it, however, I know they believe they read it, then this person jumps, and wishes to comment.


First - Off topic, not related to the complete post, just pull out one line and comment.

Second - Off Focus -Comment in confusion, irrelevant, however they are on-topic partially, but not on the essentials of the blog post.

Third - Trolls and Flamer who just need heard, never got a hug, have penis envy problems.

Jakob Nielsen is a well regarded web usability expert.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008
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All this has intriguing insights into the real nature of people, and how they read, understand, and then sadly make decisions. On the other hand it is terribly annoying to have people just doing anything they wish to do, and destroys any cogent, consistency of the blog or their lives.

The gossip, social media sites encourage people to talk non-sense, this empowers individual to make inane comments. This blog is where I propose ideas, and want constructive comments that help enlighten the other readers.

I am continually trying to learn ways to moderate kindly. I do believe it is almost a waste of time when I know the majority of reader’s minds arrived off-topic and off-focus, and never read the instructions.

When I am talking with with the real-time people, I like to say,
- I want to bid on a verb. -
- I want to bid on a subject. -

In a funny way, I am requesting a subject to their sentence, then a verb; however, they ramble non-sense and truly believe it makes sense. Writing lacks the hand gesture and emphasis of primal body language, therefore inherently missing about 90 percent of the communications possible.

I find reader are funny, they never do anything right, I think their girlfriends must feel or boyfriend must feel a pure lack of a completed life…as they just never read every word and thought, engaged brain.

I love that movie about Harvard called, the Paper Chase, the professor really keeps the students on topic and on-focus, a rare experience. I accepted years ago it was disrespectful to talk on the phone and read or surf the internet at the same time, really just ineffective.

Off Focus Off Topic Reading Skills


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I think I tend to read a whole blog post on here, but then choose which theme I want to comment on, as some posts contain multiple ideas, and I might not be interested in all of them. I also skip posts that I don't think are interesting to me. But if I read a post, I tend to read all of it.

This is not true of News sites, however, especially as I am normally not that interested in what a journalist has to say. I want the facts from the news, not the journalistic analysis, which is usually bunkum.

I was taught many years ago that comments on blogs should be significantly shorter than the post they are commenting on, and I TRY to do this (and I know I fail, and I apologise!)

Stupid people think that they know what they are talking about. Stupid people really do not have to read your blog posts at all, because they already think they know what it is about.

I think they could spend an hour dissecting each and every post you write and still never get it.

It is good that they only read 20%, otherwise they may get five times more angry with what you write hahaha. Just joking.

I do not think that the general populous has ever really gotten any great writer.

I think what you write is very original and it can really provoke someone to think and alter their opinions . . . if they only allow it to happen. You write words that can alter a person's perspective. This is what writers are born to do.

I think that you are a born writer . . . whether you admit it or not haha. You have the ability to move people (even if they are just reading 20% haha). This is all a writer needs to do.

So I read with my ears open.


p.s. when I say stupid I do not mean intelligence, rather I mean people who think they are correct in their assumptions. They are stupid because they do not allow themselves the room to move and grow . . .so they leave stupid comments telling people that they are wrong after only reading 20% of the post haha.

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