No Comments on Great Blog Post

No Comments on Great Blog Post
I feel good when I get no comments on what I thought was one of my best pieces of writing.

I think, that was so good, everybody is afraid to comment becauseā€¦ well, what could they add?

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 15, 2008
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The comments in way means the post is confusing and not complete, I try to blog complete thoughts, not controversial.

Controversy is for CNN: Comedy New Network

To me good thinking is good thinking, is not controversial, many comments to me means everyone wants to be heard, a soap opera blog... hehehe

No Comments on Great Blog Post


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Hmmmm. Point taken.

No more comments unless I have something of worth to add.


Bob L

Ct Bob.. hehehe

Bob you make great comments, and I encourage to comment often and regular, to share you wealth of knowledge with readers.

I have a lot of readers who wish to have a famous blog. They tend to think a lot of comments prove the value. I make a lot of propositions fishing for helpful comments.

I also DELETE or Not allow about 2 out of 3 comments or more.

I do not think I have ever rejected your comments.

I say, You seem to always have something of value....

However, I have found that some really difficult subject, heartfealt and most impacting.
"The People Write Me."

They will not comment, so the very best only get personal emails.

The mass of middle just have comments.

Normally travel tips get the most on this blog.

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