Myanmar the Asian Cruelty

Myanmar the Asian Cruelty
Common to be called Burma, the country to the West of Thailand has experienced a cyclone, a natural disaster. The world is begging permission to enter.

I listen as one of the Talking Heads explains the lack of sensitivity of leaders of this country.

However, what is more tragic is the USA and European inability to see the rest of the world does not value life, and must be stopped in a civilized world, if that is what we are.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Andy of ---

I realized one day, the Vietnam leaders felt nothing in allowing their people to die, while the American and European place too much value on the life of a human.

The Arabic world cares nothing if their people die; it is as if a King is sentencing cows to the slaughter.

Africa, Central America, South America, the horrendous callous nature of a Mexican.

I feel incredible anger and frustration at the new global world, which fails to see the world for what it truly is, a cruel and barbarous place where the leaders allow their people to die without a whimper or sad eye, the incredible cruelty of Asia is baffling.

The leader that stand up and want to stop the Sadaam’s, the killers of people, people who kill without remorse become the enemy, and the enemies become the heroes.

Take a slow look at Myanmar right now; ask yourself what type of person would refuse to help their people, this inhuman Hitler like cruelness is still thriving.

It is crueler to stop a person like President Bush who wants to stop Sadaam; this is the new cruel and crazy world we live in where the bleeding hearts try to save leaders like the one in Myanmar. Now our wanna to be elected leaders want to be cruel, allow evil to thrive, to not fight back, to just keep our own safe, leave Iraq, to answer the spoiled American complaints aobut the increase in Gas Prices, and not go fight to stop the cruel natures, to fight the good fight.

I remember going to Tibet, thinking, that Dailai Lama had to be the cruelest person on the planet, to make other worship him. What is he angry about, the Chinese remove him from the position of God.

Cuba would be one the richest countries in the North America if Castro would have never lived.

Myanmar the Asian Cruelty


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I propose a final solution:
Let's go invade Cuba
Let's go invade Myanmar
Let's go invade Iran
Let's go invade Israel
Let's go invade North Korea
Let's go invade Pakistan
Let's go invade Iraq (done, OK)
And the world will be a much better place.
Did I miss any country?

You want the world to do nothing, stay in your home and hide as you are doing now. Make non-consctructive comments like this.

Complaints are not solutions, I proposed here the support of the heroes that are doing the job.

Mike, your sarcasm is 100 predictable, and this is what is sad. What you wish is for the world to do nothing.

The reverse isy you need bravery you could muster, you would not be brave enough to be hated by your own people to help another people.

You need to be brave enough to make your best decision. Although what your proposed is obviously the depth of your mind.

Can you go on record to have an opinion as to what to do with that list of countries. I believe all you can do is critisize the people who do take responsibilty.

Mike the anonymous person who simplified the world to the same level as Hitler.

The world is a better places as a result of the decisions made by President Bush.

I looked into the eyes of Iraq people, while most of the world sat watching TV.

Allow the good leaders to make decisions to try their best, or believe all humans are evil.

The war on cruel leaders is a never ending push to stop them.

Then to endure the never ending complaints of the people they lead.

Your answer is to do nothing, because you cannot make any decisions that would result in critisim or a posssible mistake.

Do nothing, look the other way, it is your way, be cynical.

I see the USA government as doing its best, I suppor them whether the solutions they try succeeded or failed. Good judgments or bad.

I will support Obama, Cliton, or Mccane if one of them becomes the president. I will not say,
"I did not vote for him or her."

It will be my President, I will try to support, not tear down.

Andy, as usual you provide a refreshing change from the usual blogosphere. An honest hard look at the world. No flowery, "the world is wonderful, except the US" comments. More of an adult view of the world.

I have only known a few people in my years that seem to have that kind of balanced, honest look at the world. (I am probably not one of them, although I try.)

Bob L

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