Map of Internet

Map of Internet
I am slowly becoming clear on how Internet page Hosting works on the planet; I found a map of datacenter hubs.

Truly more than I wanted to know.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008
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As I interpret how hosting is performed presently.

1. Co-locate Level - Data Center
A company buy the computers, locates them in the datacenter, the people in the datacenter manage to keep them up and add Ram, software and more Hard Drive Memory.

2. Large Host
This company buys from the data center, however the computer, owns the computer and pays the data center to manage.

3. Reseller Level
This company buys again from the large host does not own much, more or less just does support. This is where most people have their sites now.

As the cost and commitment goes up, so does the levels, we are now trying to move sites from level 2 to level 1.

What precipitates the moves up this chain is when the Reseller or Large Host is refuses to give adequate support or cannot climb above the designated server level. As best we understand, nobody at the large host level understands how to use two computers or more to host a site.

I find we have no choice, we must buy our own computer, have them managed in a datacenter as the knowledge and brain support of the large host fails, there is not sufficient human brain capacity at the large host level.

This is the search for the large dealer, whereby the smaller dealer never will tell you how they do it.

There is a limit to the a brain, not all human brains are the same, I continuosly find that having a large web page has a requirement, I must be able to, or I could use partner if I was not capable, however someone in the organization has to be able to understand extreme technical concepts to expand. It is not just to be a good writer or designer, there is also the need to have and exceptional brain for computers.

Map of Internet


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I think someone who's both good at design, writing and at the technical nuances of load balancing and multi server setups are a rare breed andy.

But you can most likely hire someone to design such a thing.

There are certainly people on and similar sites which have track records in such work since as you say it's fairly specialised, better to have someone who does it everyday build the perfect solution?


Coincidentally I was surfing around this morning and came across a company called Akamai Technologies. Amazing that I've never heard of them before. They have clients including NBA, Adobe, Verizon, Fox interactive, Myspace, US Dept of Defense, NASDAQ, and Logitech etc.

Apparently they serve up as much as 20 percent of all web traffic. I have read news briefs where they own 8,000 servers and floor space allocated at co-location centers in 55 countries around the world.

Their acceleration and hosting services were developed and are the brainchild of guys from MIT and are based in Cambridge.

As I understand it they transparently mirror everything that a clients site serves up, but all the content is served to the web audience from the Akamai servers for performance and reliability purposes.

Not aware of the competition, and not sure either if this equates with your level 1 description (Hobo needs) but thought I'd pass it along anyway.


Thank you Eric.

We have two strategies, one is to find big sites like and track down their server. Strangely we can do searches on Google images for load balancing and find others. This datacenter map make it even easier.

We are learing toward Boston or New York for ease of flying to these two locations.

There is a huge problem with support as many hosting companies are telephone based for support, and not good web based. The smaller companies give better Control Panels than the bigger and better support.

We do a few test emails, check response times and how well they answer, or not answer as is normal. Normally a question is answered with another question.

Support is extremely important, however we now see it as really not provide at the upper levels. More they keep the box running. They deal with large corportations who have IT depts.

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