Iquitos Peru Flight

Iquitos Peru Flight

I am sitting here looking out the window in the Casa Shalom in Antigua, the shuttle is coming to take me to the Airport, it is 8:3o, the plane is to come at 8:30, however one half hour is always normal in the Latino world. The cost porthole to porthole from Guate to Iquitos is about 42o USA with all taxes on, hope the bags are not too heavy.

I am learning about the Docs, now I see I should have included in the last email posted about the Backpack Survey. The results will be a the bottom of ths page when someone submits.

I am ready, willing and able to go to Peru now, Life is Good!

Andy of in Antigua, Guatemala

Iquitos Peru Flight


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Andy, hope you have a great time down in the jungle boogie. Have some wild adventures and report back please. Your writing has reached a new level since returning to latin america, you must be in your element. BTW filled out the backpack survey so I expect to see the results of survey before long. cheers

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