In My Element of Your Element

In My Element of Your Element
An Anonymous comment on another post:
“Your writing has reached a new level since returning to Latin America, you must be in your element.”

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
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I hope this person means the level is up, hehehe, I would infer he or she means I am in my element so yes.
“Thank You.”

Whatever this means, I am never sure, however an attaboy on writing is better than the normal,
“You do not spell right, you cannot write, you’re a jerk.”

In my element hits me as questionable, I think I am in the least amount of stress, I am optimizing my life well for the last couple of months. There is a black and white, on, off, 1 or 0 mentalities to the world. I got up in front of some friends and jumps around saying,

“Who cares if the place is great, I want to make my life optimized, I want happiness or enjoyment of the day perfect.”

Prior to this comment, I was pointing out how to improve on the Hotel Posada Don Carlos in Panajachel, Guatemala. Perfection is in the detail and the distance between great and ok is normally just a few small adjustments. I think I dwell on perfections; I like to have a good pure, clean, perfect thought, and optimized view of life.

The questionable part is this, when I write about some countries, I have readers who like that region of the world suddenly read more post, while the ones that do not slack down. Therefore, it is possible I am the element now of the person, not my element.

In My Element of Your Element


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It would be interesting to see how your average web visitor time spent and page view count changes depending on the country your in. Might cost more time tracking it than its worth though. idk.

A few things come to mind.

When you were in Thailand last time I remember some guys were flaming you and you turned comments off for awhile because it got so bad. High traffic but at times the wrong kind of web audience I suppose.

In Africa, based on your tone I'm guessing your web stats went down. Limited web audience. The rough guides guy whom I can't recall his name hasn't posted as often since then. I liked his input however.

I've no evidence for any of this but with the right tracking from location to location, it could be a valuable data set resource for travel bloggers to draw from. Although if your overall web traffic is going up (or down) then its a moving target. hmm.

I'll halfway bet that a countries web audience pull will coincide somewhat with the tourism receipts wayfinding map. Curious to hear how traffic fluctuates from Guatemala to Peru as its a move within Latin America, and not across the pond.

Side note: According to the searchenginewatch website for US based searches, Las Vegas is the most often searched for city. Vegas is a great place for people who are bad at math.


I also would like to generate these types of statistics. I believe we will in the next year, mainly to sell country specific advertisers.

Travel for the average person is not global, they have a once in a lifetime dream, then normally tend to repeat the place until they die.

Readers can write angry emails when I leave a country, and will write to ask me to return.

Very few people are curious about anything and everything, they will say they are curious, however it is obvious on some subject they are more curious than others.

Africa does not give readers any frame of reference for comparision. This is why food photos work so good, everyone can talk about eating.

dude it is really interesting writing and sharing actually i liked it. and i can call it to good work...

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