Guatemala WIFI Easy Country

Guatemala WIFI Easy Country
This country has really developed. I am the new Guatemala City airport and there is free Internet with Wireless WIFI.

Here in No Mans Land is nice, too much light, a little hot, however life is good.

Guatemala is probably the first country I have ever entered where I never went to an Internet Café; I had Wireless Internet Access, WIFI in all room.

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Monday, May 26, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

- Casa Shalom rooms at 70Q up
- Don Quijote rooms at 100Q up.

- Hotel Posada Don Carlos, rooms at 70Q
- Los Encuentros rooms at 150Q up with negotiations

- Zoolas, and Israeli Hotel

Inalabrico is the name in Spanish for Wireless.

Thanks Guatemala for being an advanced country with all the toys, this country is a go. Unfortunately, full of tourist with no experience in Travel so listening to conversations can be painful.

I think I averaged about 12 U.S. per night for rooms, a great starter country for a person who wants to take the slow entry path into long-term travel, I am not sure I will ever return.

Guatemala WIFI Easy Country


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Guatemala also has an unusual network of community libraries -- with free Internet connections -- in nine rural villages. The one closest to the tourist circuit is on Lake Atitlan, in the town of San Juan La Laguna. The computers are often busy but sometimes you get nab time on one to check your email for free.

For the locations, check

What about the locals being hostile to tourists who think they are coming to steal children ?

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