Bob Mathias on Easy to be Great

Bob Mathias on Easy to be Great
Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions, this probably does not mean diddle to the average person. However, to me, it means a lot; I spend my boyhood growing up with a big bowl of Wheaties in front of me reading the box with a picture of Bob Mathias on the box, a nobody now, who was really a somebody.

A few years later, I listened to a cassette tape of Bob Mathias giving an inspirational speech about how it is,
“Easy to be Great.”

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Thursday, May 22, 2008
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I pole vaulted up to 11 foot, could not go above this barrier because I did not have the natural speed needed to propel myself higher, I still wonder if I gave up too quick.

It is so easy to be great at something, it is so easy to be the best at something, there is so little competition for greatness, it is a wonder there is so much mediocrity.

Bob speech was something like, and I cannot find it, but here is the idea:

- If you run around the block one time a week, you are in the top 1 percent of people who exercise.

- If you read one book per week you are in the top 1 percent of readers on the planet.

- If you woke up one hour earlier than everyone did at your job, you would be the most prepared person at work.

What he tried to say was the difference between greatness and just putting in your time was such a small jump, that anyone can do it, it does not take special ability, it just takes desire.

I woke up today at 3:30 am, I realize this is early, however, my eyes opened and I just did not see the point in sleeping, when I could be awake and conquering my world.

Many people make fun of me for waking up early, I am my Fathers Son and proud to be, he normally wakes up before me. I often wonder why people make fun of me for rising early; I always think of the saying,
“The early bird gets the worm.”

Why do people in the Political Correctness world belittle extra, the small margin of difference that allows me to do well? I do the majority of my blog post between 5 and 6 am in the morning, it is not a big thing, I truly enjoy have a good clear thought in the morning.

I really laugh when people act like traveling for ten years is a big deal or blogging for years, or even going to a country. I will say something about traveling for a long time, I say,
“I like to travel; it is not difficult to do what I like.”
“I like to talk to myself, it is easy to blog.”

"My biggest accomplishment is not getting robbed."

Many a time I say to people who want to blog or write, who say they do not have the time. I say,
“Wake up one hour earlier.”
It is easy to be great.

It is easy to learn more, just read one link more...

Bob Mathias on Easy to be Great


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You are using the word easy a little differently than most of us experience it. There is easy as in it does not require much physical effort, and there is easy as in one will not find it difficult to do. For example, it is simple to lose weight, but it is not easy. Travelling long term is easy for you and would be fairly easy to do for many. But 99.9% of the people in this world would find it extremely hard to start. To give up everything we have, or even to just significantly change how we live our lives is near impossible for most people. We find it very hard. I guess we are not great.

This is truly a great post.

And as it is, there is not too much that I can add here other than the fact that I agree fully.

From another early riser, haha


Kind of missed the topid Bob, it is easy to do what is easy for me, travel is easy for me, but it does not make me great.

I do feel I am great security and safety traveler. I study this 50 time more than the average person, I apply my self one hour earlier.

This post has nothing to do with travel, yes, I use me as an example. However, a person who does more than asked, beyond the minimuns, just one small jump can be the best at what they do.

Great is maybe the wrong work, however it was the word Bob used, the word is best of the best. If you want to be the best, the top of your trade, people need to try just a little more.

Reading one book per week, running around the block one time per week, there is so little difference between the mediocre people and the great.

The secret to succes is no secret, it is simple.. Work.


To be extraordinary takes an "ordinary" person doing the "extra".


Maybe I used a poor example, but I was trying to follow the whole travelers theme.

What I was trying to say, maybe I did not say it so well, is that putting just a little extra effort in for something seems easy, but for most people it is not. That is why the post is so true and such a great post.

Heck, most people have trouble even getting out of bed in time for work when the alarm rings.

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