Leaky Coaxial Cable Wireless WIFI Internet Access

Leaky Coaxial Cable Wireless WIFI Internet Access
Concrete stops WIFI dead in the air, WIFI does not go through concrete walls good, now I may have found what seems to be the perfect fight the concrete solution, theoretically this make great sense.

Leaky Coaxial Cable Wireless WIFI Internet Access

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Monday, April 28, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

This coal miner from Canada told me that in tunnels they run this cable so they can use radios while mining for coal.

The idea is this; I guess I would somehow screw this onto the WIFI Wireless Internet router then run it to different areas where the connection is weak.

The value of a hotel is this, this cable is not of value, nobody is going to steal Coaxial cable, however if you leave a WIFI Router box sitting around and some smart jerk will steal it. Plus as I see it, I could wire up one of these small 15 room mom and pop hotels myself, just seems the like the KISS solution.

I have not put my finger in this idea yet, but this proposition for Hotels seems worth about 500 dollars per hotel in saving and happy campers.



Need to figure this one out! How do I buy, or better yet make?

Leaky Coaxial Cable Wireless WIFI Internet Access


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clever. This is exploiting a natural property of all wire: it 'leaks'. For example, if you get a powered speaker, and attach a very long, badly insulated speaker cable into it, it will probably recieve the radio/ passing taxi communications. Or if you run many cables with different uses through the same trunk, you might get cross-over interference. For sure, a pain in the backside in the theatre... but has one common use:

Induction Loops for Hearing Aid devices. people with a hearing aid need to hear the church sermon or the lecture so they turn their hearing ait to 'T' and it will tune into the loop frequency.

These work by running a 'loop' of copper cable around the room. because the cable 'leaks' signal, it functions like a small scale local broadcast antenna. higher quality loops use coax cable.

this is a clever utilisation of a normally annoying feature of cables.

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