Guatemala School Girls Are Tourist

Guatemala School Girls Are Tourist
The word tourist to me has many meaning; it has little to do with tours, more the idea of looking at something. We was walking in front of the Hotels of Antigua, Guatemala when a large group of Antigua School Girls walked by, not a big deal, sort of normal.

Then we spied a few with cameras.

Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour from Guatemala City
Monday, April 7, 2008
Andy of ---

They were taking photos of us, the foreigner, therefore I decided I should reciprocate and take photos of them.

A happy bunch of Antigua, Guatemala School girls in their School uniforms Most of the world has school uniform, I feel uniforms slow down fashion competition between students and is great. The USA in ways has lost all discipline in the name of freedoms, quite confused on the issues, not advancing.

The cost of uniforms is difficult for some students to afford; however, generally you see most having them and not being a huge problem. Howver, many NGO's make any lacking a bigger issue than reality.

Guatemala School Girls Are Tourist


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Some towns in the United States have returned to requiring uniforms on their students, particularly larger urban centers that have gang problems to deal with. I agree that this is a good thing, it levels the playing field to some extent among students, however (like in your photo) students always find ways to personalize their uniforms and still make them unique. So, in the end, I'm mixed over whether uniforms actually have a marked improvement on student behavior and academic progress- I've not yet seen any convencing statistics.

BTW- BEAUTIFUL photo! I hope those girls got such a lovely one of you *grin*

I think all the students in schools here in Jamaica wear uniforms as well. It removes the focus from clothes and I think it is a fantastic idea.

To me it's also so beautiful to see the kids walking in groups along the road going to or coming from school in their uniforms.

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