Cowboy Pets Animals Cafe Coffee Guatemala

Cowboy Pets Animals Cafe Coffee Guatemala
Took a bus about five kilometers to Pastores Guatemala and walked back, took photos of a coffee factory, rivers and discovered that Pastores Guatemala is know for making leather Cowboy Boots.
Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour from Guatemala City
Saturday, April 5, 2008
Andy of ---

Antigua Guatemala Cowboy

Antigua Guatemala Pets Animals

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Cafe Coffee Pastores Guatemala

Pastores Guatemala

Cowboy Pets Animals Cafe Coffee Guatemala


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When i visit Guatemala one year ago,i realized that the leather is very good,and i bought some crafts.

Yes, Pastores, Guatemala, a small village about 4 Kilometers from the city had a lot here near Antigua.

When I first came from Belize to Guatemala 8 years ago we drove through many cattle areas in the flat areas of Guatemala.

Leather works is a good business for the developing countries.

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