USA Passport Washed and Dried

USA Passport Washed and Dried
My passport was ran through my mothers washer and dryer, not part of the good travelers game plan.

I am in the process of drying the thing, and hoping it is ok to use, I really do not know what to do.

Indiana, United States of America
Small Town USA
Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Andy of ---

The pages seem intact, I have two five year visas stamps that may have taken a dump, Burkina Faso and Mali.

I am in the process of drying the passport, then I will take the iron to it, a big pile of books and see if I can smash it flat.

Maybe it is possible to find someone in the passport divisions of that answer phones and can help, I am about four hours from Chicago, not a convenient situation, I only have three business days before my next flight leaves for Acapulco, Mexico.

USA Passport Washed and Dried


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oooooooo -- yeesh!

that's what you get for letting your mother do your laundry, ha, ha

update on the status of passport?

The Passport survived.

I dried it, while making sure all the pages stays separated.

I now have it sitting under a huge pile of books.

I think the bar code may be a little problem, but I think good.

One time in the USA Embassy they put in some new pages and re-sealed the picture page because of a separation.

As soon as possible, I will go and get some more pages in it, and see if they will re-seal the picture page.

we were denied a flight to Paris from American Airlines due to the page being partially separated. The passport was perfectly readable, all stamps in tact. emergency flight to houston to passport center and now waiting to see what happens. American in Houston looked at passport and said she would have taken it, TSA said they thought it was valid, so our luck was bad in Corpus Christi. What a nightmare. Our 30th anniversary trip. If I had know I could have taken care of it . I have used it at least 5 times since the original damage with no problems. It was washed in 2004. Emergency flight to Houston, rental car, passport costs due to one woman's opinion of a passport. Don't take a chance if you can keep from it

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