Three Days to Adjust to New City

Three Days to Adjust to New City
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I found it took me three days to adjust from the trip from Mexico to Guatemala. I think this adjustment is what could stop many travelers as they would never stop putting enjoyment before work.

Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour from Guatemala City
Sunday, March 30, 2008
Andy of ---

There is a rush of excitement upon entering a new country, new colors, new people, and new words.

Irwin the man who works in the hotel corrected me; I am now an Extranjero, and not a Gringo.

This rush is addictive, an endorphin push that many travelers become hopelessly in love with and continually self-inject by continuously moving. I am abnormally aware and cautious of addictive feeling because of my alcohol addiction.

The rush is great, however very disruptive to work, I tend to hide more in the room so I can adjust slowly.

Three Days to Adjust to New City


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My first time going into a new city on my own i had a miniature break-down. Everything felt too unfamiliar, and I decided to book a flight home for 10 days later. After a few days, I was more than happy in the city, and would quite happily have stayed longer or moved around more.

I wish I'd read this before I got there!

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new method of making travel money with photos on the internet. I do love the rush of a new town, but I agree with you that truly getting your feet and feeling comfortable is worth taking mroe time in a new place.

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