Mexico USA Neighbor Inflation

Mexico USA Neighbor Inflation
I have two photos of Ice Coffee to try to demonstrate the cost of living in Mexico is about three to four times higher times too high. Mexico is a very poor country, however the price of products and service are trying to be like their big neighbor the USA, this type of pricing is outrageously expensive for a Mexican making 10 dollars per day.

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Thursday, March 20, 2008
Andy of ---

Mexico is a very class system country, rich and poor, and the rich try to ignore the people on the Mountain. I stopped in an OXXO convenience store by chance, was very excited to see my favorite Ice Coffee machine, the same one as in the Philippines. I then looked at the price of 18 Pesos and thought, this is outrageous, this is 1.80 U.S. dollars more or less and about four time more than Thailand or the Philippines. Thailand and the Philippines is a much better educated and more prosperous thriving place than Mexico, hard to imagine any normal person in Mexico getting paid 5-15 dollars per day giving up 1.80 dollars to have an ice coffee.

18 Peso or about 1.80 U.S. Dollar for Ice Coffee sold in a OXXO convenience store near Acapulco, Mexico.

Ice Coffee sold in Mini Mart for 26 Peso of Philippines money, I think about .55 cents US Dollars in the Malate neighborhood, across from the very modern Robinsons Mall in Manila, Philippines.

Both stores are comparable, both coffees almost identical right down to the machine. The Nescafe in the Philippines is more of a brand name coffee so should be more expensive, but is less.

Money exchange, Euros, Dollars this is all a lot of crap in a way, the cost of living is what is important, yes the tourist do not care, they are on a two week look at me, I am in Mexico vacation, they pay these prices, the store get the money, and the poor countrymen cannot afford to live the same.

Mexico is not the USA, the quality of life sucks in comparison to the USA,

The Philippines has about triple the density of humans per square kilometers and is probably more like Mexico City in ways.

The big difference is mobility in Asia they all have Motorcycles and Cell Phones and can both go to work, get educated and communicate easier, faster and better

Mexico USA Neighbor Inflation


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According to the "CIA - The World Factbook", GDP per capita (Purchasing
Power Parity) is $3300 in the Philippines and $12500 in Mexico.
In other words, the GDP per capita in Mexico is about 3.8 times higher than in the Philppines.
So it makes perfectly sense that the ice coffee is about 4 times higher in Mexico!

I wish this was true, there are so many lies created by countries it is incredible. The CIA pretty much just take the information given by Mexico and puts it up.

This page shows Un-Employment in Mexico at 3.7 percent and the USA at 4.9.

I am lucky if I meet 1 in ten people in Mexico making over 15 dollar per day. However, it is easy to also ignore the cleaning lady, the guy digging the hole an the girl pumping gas, I did say girl and think that guy from DF is the country.

This is a class system county whereby the rich keep trying to convince the world they treat their workers good as they become rich on the backs of people they dumb down to keep working.

Corruption at it best and I have been to 77 countrie and you have been at how many?

China is taking the business from Mexico because the cost of Corruption is higher in Mexican than in China.

Andy will not believe the truth if he had a degree in Economics. The truth is Andy visits th e poorest sections of the world and does not understand GNP is not directly related to the area in which he sleeps.

Economy Mexico
Economy - overview:
Mexico has a free market economy in the trillion dollar class. It contains a mixture of modern and outmoded industry and agriculture, increasingly dominated by the private sector. Recent administrations have expanded competition in seaports, railroads, telecommunications, electricity generation, natural gas distribution, and airports. Per capita income is one-fourth that of the US; income distribution remains highly unequal. Trade with the US and Canada has tripled since the implementation of NAFTA in 1994. Mexico has 12 free trade agreements with over 40 countries including, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, the European Free Trade Area, and Japan, putting more than 90% of trade under free trade agreements. In 2007, during his first year in office, the Felipe CALDERON administration was able to garner support from the opposition to successfully pass a pension and a fiscal reform. The administration continues to face many economic challenges including the need to upgrade infrastructure, modernize labor laws, and allow private investment in the energy sector. CALDERON has stated that his top economic priorities remain reducing poverty and creating jobs.
GDP (purchasing power parity):
$1.353 trillion (2007 est.)


Economy - overview:
The Philippine economy grew at its fastest pace in three decades with real GDP growth exceeding 7% in 2007. Higher government spending contributed to the growth, but a resilient service sector and large remittances from the millions of Filipinos who work abroad have played an increasingly important role. Economic growth has averaged 5% since President MACAPAGAL-ARROYO took office in 2001. Nevertheless, the Philippines will need still higher, sustained growth to make progress in alleviating poverty, given its high population growth and unequal distribution of income. MACAPAGAL-ARROYO averted a fiscal crisis by pushing for new revenue measures and, until recently, tightening expenditures. Declining fiscal deficits, tapering debt and debt service ratios, as well as recent efforts to increase spending on infrastructure and social services have heightened optimism over Philippine economic prospects. Although the general macroeconomic outlook has improved significantly, the Philippines continues to face important challenges and must maintain the reform momentum in order to catch up with regional competitors, improve employment opportunities, and alleviate poverty. Longer-term fiscal stability will require more sustainable revenue sources, rather than non-recurring revenues from privatization.
GDP (purchasing power parity):
$298.9 billion (2007 est.)

Just Because Mexico sucks and seems poorer because of your unofficial observance it does not mean they redistribute the wealth like they do in USA."Tv's,cable.cell phones,air conditioning and over weight welfare recipients make the USA SEEM Healthy and Wealthy"

truth is in the facts.....GDP... were it goes nobody knows except Mexico is not PHILIPPINES POOR far from it !! Just they steal it and hide it better. LOOK at the Richest MAN in the WORLD NO it's not Bill Gates It is A Meican who takes 20 % of the GDP and redistributes to his Staff...Google it Worlds Riches Man..he can afford Ice coffee and his friends....Siesta time

Did you get your rocks off on the statistics?

The two ice machines where in Acapulco and Manila, not the poor places of the country.

I do think you need to leave the computer and walk a country, take a bus, leave the resort.

Interesting twist on the official or un-official, does this mean you are officially the offical.

I have traveler all over this country, I know it front and back, spent weeks in Mexico City lving with a girl who worked for the United Nation High Commission for Refugees. Her maid had a private eleavator.

Mexico ignores its poor, keeps them systematically dumb down and for 100 percent sure, I live int Mexico for one year or more.

This is always my point, get you nose out of these statistics and look at cultures.

I was laughing to myself today, I spend a lot less money in Mexico because it harder to buy things than in Philippines or Thailand.

Dirty Sanchez is Troll or Flamer, however he first insulted me and followed up with a lot of information. So ignoring his troll behavior and his name Dirty Sanchez... hehehe

I look for contrasting opinions from anyone, a troll can live, they just need to stay under the bridge at times, off the page. Flamers are flamers, hehe

I could use other words in Spanish for Flamers, however this would be some type of feeding the Trolls.

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